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Got the travel bug -- but not the budget to match? We're here to help with an armchair tour of the world in quiz form! We'll give you three of a country's greatest wonders, natural or manmade, and you guess the nation. Ready? Let's go!

Walk on its Great Wall, and ... do we really need to go on?

China is one of the world's largest countries in terms of area (and its biggest in terms of population). But many of its landmarks, like the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City, and the Oriental Pearl Tower are in Beijing and Shanghai.


Visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the palace at Versailles.

France, especially Paris, is a major tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. Maybe we should forgive Parisians if they get a little crabby in the peak months of June, July and August.


In this country, you can visit the Hermitage, Red Square or the huge Lake Baikal.

If you're traveling in summertime, you might want to go to Petrograd (St. Petersburg) for the White Nights festival. A celebration of music and art, it is named for the very long twilights Russians enjoy at northern latitudes.


You can see the fantastic Opera House and Harbor Bridge in one city, or head west to see the harsh terrain of the Outback.

Sydney, of course, is home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. But that's just scratching the surface of things to see in this 3 million square mile country.


See the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple, or see wildlife in Ranthambore National Park.

India is another one of the world's most populous countries. If you visit its cities, be prepared to wait in traffic, and in line, and not lose your patience.


In Brussels, you can see the Cinquanentaire Arch or the Manneken Pis statue, or just visit Godiva headquarters and refuse to leave until they give you some free chocolate!

It does have notable sights, but Belgium is really known for its flavors. Try the fabulous Belgian frites (french fries, but better), waffles, or the aforementioned Godiva chocolate.


Visit St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, the Basilica in Mariazell, or see the "Sound of Music" gazebo in Salzburg.

Austria is also home to fantastic venues for winter sports and outdoor pursuits. This includes hiking in its breathtaking Alps.


You can see the Lake District, the Victoria and Albert Museum, or the London Eye, a Ferris wheel named after the capital.

Samuel Johnson once said, "If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." Even so, try to get out and see the famous moors, or the northern seaside resort town of Blackpool.


Mount Kilimanjaro rules here, but don't miss Serengeti National Park and Daraja la Mungu, the "Bridge of God."

Tanzania is a southern African nation. There is, of course, no country called "Nambia" -- no matter what you might hear in the news.


See the amazing Iguazu Falls, watch tango dancers in the Recoleta or visit Eva Peron's crypt.

Argentina has a variety of climates and outdoor attractions. But you can be forgiven for never leaving its capital, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.


Visit Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace and the Little Mermaid statue.

Denmark is a small nation that's made its mark (sorry!) on art and culture. The Little Mermaid statue was inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.


Enjoy the Rijksmuseum, Keukenhof Gardens and the Kinderdijk ("children's dike") in this country.

Holland is part of the "low countries," meaning it has plenty of scenic canals that drain water from its lowlands. WIth those, its windmills and its tulip fields, you'll bring home plenty of vacation photos.


See the Christ the Redeemer statue or Copacabana Palace in one of its biggest cities, or the Sao Paulo Museum of Art.

Brazil had a moment in the sun with the 2016 winter Olympic Games. They were only slightly marred by an unlockable stadium gate on opening day, a swimming pool that turned green, and the antics of Ryan Lochte.


See the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, and the River Danube.

If you love beer, there's only one time to go: October, for Oktoberfest. Bottoms up!


It's Blue Lagoon spa is world-famous, but also offers the Gullfoss Waterfall and Jokusarlon lagoon.

Many tourist attractions in Iceland involve water in one form or other: the Blue Lagoon, waterfalls, fjords, glaciers, and geysers. However, it's also a good place to see the Northern Lights.


Here you can visit the Sagrada Familia, see the Aqueduct of Segovia, and of course, browse the Prado Museum.

Spain has become a very popular tourist destination for North Americans. We'd say it's having its day in the sun, but hey, with its beaches and great climate, that's redundant.


Here you can see Mt. Fuji, the Osaka Castle, or the beautiful torii gate at the Itsukushima Shrine.

Japan is a small nation, but one where there's plenty to see. In addition to formal landmarks, its forests and bathhouses are well worth checking out.


See St. Mary's Basilica, the Copernicus Science Centre, or, for some sobering history, Auschwitz.

Poland isn't high on the itinerary of many visitors to Europe. Which is unfortunate, since it offers important glimpses of the Holocaust and WWII history.


See the Avenue of the Baobabs, Isalo National Park, or Amber Mountain National Park in this island nation of Africa.

Amateur zoologists will be delighted here. Madagascar, an island that broke off the Indian subcontinent, has biodiversity paralleled in few other places on the planet.


Visit the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, and St. Vitus cathedral, all in the capital of Prague.

In the 1990s, Prague was the hot travel destination for young hipsters taking a "gap year" from college or similar. It's since been overtaken in that regard by Iceland.


Check out the Vancouver Aquarium, Niagara Falls on its southern border, or see the Peace Tower at this country's parliament.

Canada, like some other countries in this quiz, probably has more gorgeous national parks and outdoor-sports venues than "landmarks." If you're going, pack some solid hiking shoes.


Here you can see the Gothenburg Opera House, Stockholm Palace and a museum for the group, Abba.

If you like crime fiction, you might have a different definition of landmarks when it comes to Sweden. The bestselling novels of Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson were both set here (mostly), so mystery fans might just want to walk around its cities visiting all the locations featured in the Kurt Wallander or Lisbeth Salander books.


Visit Ben Nevis (the highest mountain in the UK), Holyrood Palace and Loch Ness.

Scotland has any number of gorgeous outdoor landmarks, like the two mentioned above. If that's not for you, try the self-explanatory "Scotch Whisky Experience" in Edinburgh.


Get one of the native "ticos" to show you the Irazu volcano, Corcovado National Park, or the Museo de Jade in the capital of San Jose.

Costa Rica is a popular destination for North Americans who enjoy ziplining in its rain forests and the friendliness of its people -- who, in psychological studies, report a higher degree of happiness and life satisfaction than people in many other nations.


Here you can visit Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, and the Apartheid Museum.

There's good news and bad news when it comes to South Africa tourism. The good news is that this is a country with great natural beauty and lots of wildlife. The bad news is that Johannesburg has a rather high crime rate. Tourists are advised to take precautions when visiting.


Terrorism and political unrest have put tourists off visiting this nation's pyramids, its Great Sphinx, and the ruins of Luxor.

The chilling effect of terrorism is truly unfortunate. It hurts working Egyptians who rely on the industry and keeps non-Egyptians from seeing some of the world's most interesting historical sites.


Climb Jebel Toubai, see the huge Hassan II mosque, and check out the Royal Mausoleum in the capital of Rabat.

One of the highlights of Morocco -- besides riding a camel in the desert or bargaining in the souks -- is the food. Moroccans make delicious lamb dishes, fish near the coast, and mint tea with which to wash it all down.


Visit the Estadio Azteca, the Mayan pyramids or the Basilica de Our Lady de Guadalupe in this country.

There's a lot to see in Mexico, much of it outside the capital of Mexico City. However, tourists can be a mark for robbers, so take precautions when visiting..


This country is home to the Phi Phi Islands, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, and the Grand Palace.

Thailand is also home to some of the world's friendliest people. Its nickname is "the Land of Smiles."


For wildlife-loving types, this country offers Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta, and its share of the great Kalahari Desert.

Animal lovers can see hippos, rhinos, lions, leopards and many other animals in Botswana's game preserves. Can't afford to go? The BBC's "Top Gear" devoted an entire episode to a Botswana road trip that's well worth watching.


Colca Canyon and the natural bridge at Junin are impressive, but Macchu Picchu is its best-known attraction.

Tourism has increased in Peru in recent years -- partly because of its cuisine. It's also known for a cocktail called the pisco sour -- Peru's answer to the mojito.


Visit the Waitomo Caves, Mt. Cook National Park, and Huka Falls in this destination that's a hiker's dream come true.

People come from all over the world to enjoy New Zealand's natural beauty. You can also learn the history of its native Maori people while you're here.


Here you can visit Blarney Castle, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Skellig Michael.

Ireland recently saw a banner year for tourism. 2016 was the centennial of the Easter Rising, and the celebration brought tourists from all over.


Many of this nation's landmarks are religious or royal in nature: the Grand Mosque, the Black Stone, and the King's Fountain.

The Black Stone is the eastern cornerstone of the Kaaba, the building in Mecca towards which Muslims pray. A visit to Mecca, and the Black Stone, is part of the hajj.


Here you can see the Imperial City of Hue, the Cu Chi tunnels, and breathtaking Halong Bay.

Vietnam is somewhat overshadowed as a tourist destination by its Southeast Asian neighbor, Thailand. Which is unfortunate: both Vietnam's scenery and food are amazing.


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