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Two brothers, Cal and Aaron, vie for the love of their father who understands one and condemns the other. Sibling rivalry haunts the family within a nest of secrets.

Why does Cal travel to nearby Monterey, California?

Cal follows a woman named Kate, who runs a house of ill repute. He says he wants to tell her he hates her.


What business does Mr. Trask want to invest in?

Trask believes if he can perfect refrigeration techniques, he can ship fresh lettuce to other towns. It's a business gamble he is willing to take.


What does Cal suggest his father invest in?

Cal believes the political climate may create demands for beans. Mr. Trask does not seem too interested in what Cal has to say.


What time period is the story set in?

The Trasks live in Salinas, California in 1917. The war dominates business and the social climate of the town.


When Trask is angry with his son, Cal, what does he make him do?

Mr. Trask is a religious man. He preaches regularly to his sons, especially to Cal.


Mr. Trask comments to Cal, "You have no repentance. You are _____________."

Cal responds with, "I am bad...Aaron's the good one." This has been reinforced his whole life.


Cal confronts Mr. Trask about his mother. What does Trask share?

Cal knows she is in nearby Monterey, but he doesn't tell his father. Mr. Trask thought it would spare his boys pain by not telling them the whole truth.


What does Adam Trask think his wife lacked?

He also said she "was so full of hate -- for everything."


What physical trait does Adam recall of the former Mrs. Trask?

It's one way Cal confirms the woman he followed in Monterey is "Kate" (his mother). He notices she wears gloves.


Who tells Cal the truth about his mother?

Sam shows Cal a picture of his parents on their wedding day. Cal says, "She's no good and I'm no good."


What pleases Mr. Trask about Cal?

Cal uses ingenuity to make progress with the refrigeration business for his father. Trask is angry when he discovers Cal stole the chute from miners.


Abra brings lunch for Aaron but talks with Cal while she waits. What does she note?

There is a girl who eats her lunch and watches Cal. Abra thinks she may be viewed by other girls as another one of Cal's conquests


What confession does Abra make to Cal while they talk over lunch?

Abra tells him about her father's second marriage when she was 13 and how she "hated everybody." She just wanted to be loved.


Who does Cal go to for advice on how to make some money?

Hamilton will be a partner in the beans business, but Cal needs to invest $5,000. Cal wants to pay his father for the loss he had with the failed lettuce business.


Cal seeks out his mother for the investment money. What does she determine?

Kate seems curious about the family she left behind. However, she doesn't want Aaron or Adam to know of the business deal and her presence in Monterey.


Why does Kate say she shot Adam?

She said, "Nobody holds me." She hated the ranch where they lived.


When the country enters the war, what is Aaron's stance on it?

Aaron broods while the town has a parade. He says, "Nothing will make me go" to war.


Who do people in town turn against?

Albrecht is German and is discriminated against. Someone throws a rock through his shoemaker shop.


Where do Abra and Cal first kiss?

Cal and Abra kill some time waiting for Aaron at the fair. When they get stuck together on the ferris wheel, things heat up.


What delays Aaron in finding Abra at the fair?

The crowd starts to get violent against Albrecht because he is German. Things settle down when the Sheriff arrives.


What does Aaron accuse Cal of doing when the melee over Albrecht dies down?

He says, "You had to start slugging." It prompts a fight between the two brothers.


Abra follows Cal to the bar where he is having a few drinks after the fight with Aaron. What does she tell him?

Aaron comes to the bar to collect Abra. Cal says of their father, "One day he's going to know who his real son is."


Cal climbs on Abra's roof to talk to her. What does he tell her?

Aaron tells her about his investment profit that he will use to win his father's love.


For what does Cal ask Abra's help?

He wants to make his father's birthday very special when he presents the money to him. He wants Abra and Aaron to be there.


What does Cal say about Aaron's gift for their father?

Cal seems a little concerned about what Aaron may have gotten their father. He asks Abra, but she doesn't know.


What does Cal tell Mr. Trask they have for the birthday dinner?

Cal wants everything to be perfect when he presents his gift to his father. All he wants is to be loved.


What job does Mr. Trask have since his refrigeration business went under?

Mr. Trask is uncomfortable with his position.


What gift does Aaron have for Mr. Trask's birthday?

Cal is overshadowed by the news. Mr. Trask comments, "I can't imagine anything better than this!"


What is Adam's reaction to Cal's gift?

He feels as if Cal took advantage of farmers. He doesn't want anything that isn't honest and good.


What does Cal do to get revenge on Aaron for ruining the birthday surprise?

Cal says,to Kate, "Aaron is everything that's good." He shoves Aaron into Kate and says, "Say hello to your mother."


Cal returns home to his father and tells him what he did to Aaron. Which does he NOT say to Mr. Trask?

Cal wants to hurt his father the way he's been hurt. Abra tries to comfort him.


What has become of Aaron after he saw his mother?

Adam goes to the train station to find Aaron. Aaron is on a train and smashes his face through a window as the train pulls out.


Adam collapses over Aaron's behavior. What does the doctor have to say?

A nurse is brought in to care for Mr. Trask. She annoys Cal and Abra.


Abra is alone with Adam. What does she tell him?

Abra tells Trask that Cal has felt unloved his entire life. She says she loves Cal.


When Cal talks with his father, what does Adam tell him?

He asks Cal to get rid of the nurse. The final scene is Cal pulling up a chair next to his father's bed.


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