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A seasoned network news man's mental breakdown on the air sparks a firestorm of competitive reality news TV, raising questions on morality for the industry.

What protest cry does Howard encourage people to shout out their windows?

The populist movement takes hold and people go to their windows to make Beale's proclamation.


Beale proclaims, "_____________________ is not the truth."

Beale is on his pedestal preaching against the media and its coverage. This makes his bosses uncomfortable.


For what network does Howard Beale work?

UBS is a fictional network that competes in the television market against real networks of the 70s (ABC, CBS, and NBC). It stands for Union Broadcasting System.


Max Schumacher repeats a humorous story about a news story he once had to cover. What is the topic?

The story deals with a misunderstanding about him covering a news story at the bridge and people believing he was going to jump off.


Early in the movie, Howard Beale discusses with his friend, Max, a potential news feature he wants to call _____________________________________________.

Beale threatens to kill himself on the evening news. His ratings as a newscaster continue to drop and he feels he needs to do something dramatic.


What unexpected comment does the UBS crew overlook in an early Howard Beale broadcast?

Beale is serious but his crew has not even paid attention. He is pulled off the air when they realize something is wrong.


Which character sees ratings in "counter-culture" and "anti-establishment" shows?

Diana wants a name for herself on the network and proposes some radical ideas about programming to capture ratings. She wants an "angry show."


Who gives Howard a second chance on the air after he has his first breakdown?

Howard wants to go out of his career on his terms and asks Max for a second chance. Max says "Ok and no booze today, Howard."


Which terrorist group does Diana want to put on the air?

The ELA made a video of a robbery that Diana wanted to sensationalize on the news. The group was led by Ahmed Kahn.


Diana tells Hackett she wants Beale back on the air after an on-air comment where he tells viewers he "ran out of __________________________."

Ratings soar when Howard comes clean with the viewers. Diana wants to seize the momentum and says, "He's articulating the popular rage."


Who asks Max to reconsider his resignation from the UBS network?

Ruddy fires Max when Howard Beale seems out of control. Ruddy realizes later he needs Max to take back control of the network.


What feature does Diana add to the new "The Howard Beale Show"?

Sibyl makes predictions and the outcomes are reviewed. Diana even consults her for personal matters.


Max asks Diana out for dinner and says, "I don't do anything on my first date." What does she reply?

There is clearly an attraction. He is married and she is driven by ambition.


What college did Diana attend?

Diana mentions to Max how she was taken with him when she saw him speak when she was in college.


Howard starts to hear voices. What do they tell him to do?

Beale takes on an evangelist style of editorial on his new show. He takes his cues from "the voice."


Who is most concerned and compassionate about Beale's mental state?

Max and Howard are old friends in the industry. This has been reiterated throughout the story.


What allows Frank Hackett to take charge of UBS?

Hackett seizes the opportunity to climb the ladder of success and puts Diana in charge of programming.


Which show is "The Howard Beale Show" NOT beating in the ratings?

"The Howard Beale Show" is 4th in the ratings, but moving up quickly in the market. Hackett and Diana are optimistic about its chances.


Who is Laureen Hobbs?

Hobbs demands control of her own show from Diana. The show is "The Mao Tse Tung Hour."


What is the nickname introducing Howard Beale on his new show?

His show begins with his rants and is followed by other features. There is a stained glass facade in the background.


As part of his routine on his new show, Beale delivers his commentary and then does what?

A flair for the dramatic is what engages audiences. There is a conscious effort to ignore his theatrics and move on to the next segment.


Max takes Diana away for a romantic weekend. Where do they stay?

Max's wife is out of town with their pregnant daughter in Seattle. He abandons 25 years of marriage for an affair with Diana.


At an affiliates' meeting in 1976, what does Diana promise to the group?

Diana becomes obsessed with the power of commanding an audience. All of her thoughts are focused on success with the network.


What channel is the UBS network covered on?

Because it is a fictional network, 3 is not the typical channel number used for the three real major networks.


What information does Howard expose on air that infuriates Hackett?

Hackett is upset that people know money from the Saudis has influence in the US and even with the network. Hackett is afraid this will turn people against the network and hurt ratings.


Who tells Howard Beale he has, "meddled with the primal forces of nature and you will atone!"?

Jensen uses the same kind of rhetoric that Beale uses to redirect his agenda. It seems like he will fire him at first but that is not the case.


Jensen imposes his ideology on Beale and expects him to deliver it on the air. What ideas does he have?

Jensen uses Beale to spread his message and tells him point blank he chose Beale because he is on television. However, the ratings start to drop soon after.


What is the topic of Max's book?

Max works on his book after he leaves his wife and moves in with Diana. He doesn't make much progress.


Max tells Diana, "After living with you for six months, I'm turning into _______________."

Max likens his relationship with Diana to a script where he says later there is a "happy ending" when he walks out on her.


Max tells Diana, "I just want you to love me." What is her response?

Diana had a failed marriage and is all about her job. She is honest with Max.


When Max finally leaves Diana he accuses her of being ___________________.

Max is angry Diana has focused all of her attention on her job instead of him. He realizes he made a mistake in entering into a relationship with her.


Diana wants Beale's show off the air, but can't take it off because Jensen wants it on. What is proposed?

It seems suggested as a joke but then Hackett realizes it is a consideration. Diana says, "Kill the SOB."


Who is supposed to carry out the assassination of Howard Beale?

Two shooters, including Ahmed Kahn, are in the audience for the show.


What is the final shot in the movie?

The two shooters stand up in the audience and shoot Beale repeatedly while on air.


The final comment by the narrator states that Howard Beale _______________________.

The entire movie is a satire on television news and how decisions are made for programming. The hint is that it's all about the ratings.


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