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You go to great lengths to make sure your hair, nails, skin, and body are healthy and looking great. But are you listening to myths that might entice you to do something a different way? Myths often circulate through the masses, becoming widely believed, but not many people fact check them. Which beauty myths have you followed?

Do you know what is said to thin out hair, but in fact doesn't? Can you identify a myth about toothpaste that may people follow? What do people say is the cause of many grey hairs showing up? Are you really supposed to file your nails in one direction only? There are so many myths to keep up with!

Do you know what is said to be wrong if you have white spots on your nails? How about what is said to cure the puffiness under your eyes? What do they say you need to drink a lot of to have good skin? Some myths can be odd, while others sound like they make perfect sense!

If you can tell a beauty myth from a fact, this will be easy. Take the quiz to see if you know what you're doing when it comes to the myths of the beauty world!

A common myth is that all products that you use need to be from the same what?

There is a myth that all products that you use in your beauty routine need to be from the same company, which is not true. It doesn't matter if you mix and match different brands, as long as their ingredients work together.

Is it true or false that detoxing your hair is good for it?

This is true. A good detox will strengthen and help hair grow better. The detox promotes healthy hair, although it is best to keep your hair from any heat or damage in the meantime.

What is said to prevent aging?

Fish oil is said to help in preventing aging. This is true as it prevents the inflammation that can take a toll on skin and lead to wrinkles.

What is said to make your hair thinner?

The myth is that when you wax your hair, it will grow back thinner, which is not true. The hair only appears to grow back thinner as it restarts the entire growth of the hair.

Is it true or false that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is good for your hair?

This is true. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is much easier on your hair as it doesn't pull at it or damage it as a regular pillow case would. It is much softer and a far better option for your locks.

What is said to be an important part of a beauty routine?

Toner is thought to be very important in a beauty routine and it is therefore not a myth. However, it is most effective when the right one is used for the right type of skin.

There is a myth that says eating what type of food can cause acne?

It is said that eating greasy foods can cause acne, which is not true. In fact, dairy is more likely to cause pimples than any other type of food.

What are you commonly advised to drink more of in order to have good skin?

Many people are advised to drink more and more water in an attempt to make their skin better. While water is good for your skin, overdoing it won't help it.

What is said to make grey hairs grow back in higher numbers?

You might have heard that plucking a grey hair makes more grow back, but this is a myth. Plucking doesn't really do anything other than make the follicle restart the growth, or damage the follicle if it is plucked excessively.

Is it true or false that you should only file your nails one way?

This is false. It was previously thought that filing your nails in both directions was damaging, but as it turns out, it does not actually do any damage, no matter how you file them.

Combing you hair too much is said to result in what?

Combing your hair too much is said to lead to damaged hair, which is both true and false. As long as you're combing your hair gently and the right way, you should have no problems.

Which of the following can be very damaging to your hair?

Elastics are, in fact, not good for hair as it can put stress on the hair follicle. The effect can be weakened by using loose, soft elastics that don't pull.

This beauty myth says that you can shrink your what?

It is said that it is possible to shrink your pores, which is a common myth. The pores you were born with are the ones that you are stuck with for life. They cannot be changed, unless through natural factors like pimples or irritation that can make them larger.

Which of the following is partly a myth and partly truth?

Soap is good to use as it keeps you clean, but using too much, or the wrong kind can hurt your skin. It can strip your skin of its moisture and leave it dry.

Is it true or false that you can get rid of cellulite entirely?

This is false. Cellulite is fat which cannot be removed naturally, although exercise can help. Cellulite can be minimized through procedures such as laser treatment and massages.

What can you supposedly prevent by doing facial exercises?

It is said that if you do facial exercises, it will reduce wrinkles. While this is partly true as exercises are healthy for you, overdoing it can actually cause more wrinkles.

Which of the following is said to be bad for your hair?

Brushing your hair while its wet is said to be very bad for it, but that is not entirely true. If you use certain brushes that promote detangling, the hair will not damage.

Which of the following is a myth about toothpaste?

Toothpaste is said to prevent pimples, but this is indeed a myth. While it will dry out the pimple, it may do more harm than good by irritating the skin.

Shampooing your hair how often is said to be bad?

It is said that if you shampoo your hair every day it is not good for the health of your hair. This is both true and untrue, as many people do need to shampoo daily, but many others who don't. It all depends​ on your activities and hair type.

It is said that which of the following can dry out your skin?

Exfoliation is said to dry out your skin, although this is not entirely true. Drying can occur if you exfoliate too often, but when used in moderation, it is a helpful part of a skincare routine.

What is said to cure puffy eyes?

Cucumbers are said to cure puffy eyes. This is partly true, but eating healthier is also an important factor as the only thing that the cucumbers will do is bring down swelling and irritation.

Which of the following is not true?

Once you have a split end, you have it until you cut it off. There's nothing that can ever repair split ends, so the best thing to do is to get them cut.

Which of the following is said to cause acne?

It is said that wearing too much makeup can cause acne, although that is not entirely true. While some makeup can cause irritation that leads to acne, makeup is often not the primary cause.

What is said to damage your teeth?

Whitening your teeth is said to damage them which is, in fact, correct. The chemicals used in the process damage the enamel that protects your teeth from harm.

Is it true or false that you should not use oil if you have oily skin?

This is false. By not using oil on oily skin, it can actually promote the skin to produce even more of its own oil to hydrate it. Oil products used on this skin type result in healthy skin.

What type of products are commonly thought to be better than all of the others?

Expensive products are thought of as being better and for giving better results, but this is not always true. Regular-priced products can often get the job done just as well.

What is getting a hair cut supposed to do for your hair?

It is said that getting a haircut is supposed to make your hair grow back faster. This is not true, although it is healthy to get your hair cut every now and then to remove damage and split ends.

Which of the following is said to protect you from the sun?

A base tan is said to protect you from the sun's rays, which is not true. The only way to truly keep yourself protected is to use sunscreen or stay covered.

What are you said to be lacking if your nails have white spots on them?

It is said that if you have white spots on your nails that you're missing calcium, which is untrue. In fact, white spots come from injury to the nail and they are typically nothing to worry about.

Is it true or false that brow color should always match your hair color?

This is false. This is a myth that is totally up to personal preference. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to eyebrow color, as they can be whatever color the individual would like them to be.

What can a towel do to your hair?

It is said that drying your hair with a towel can damage it. This is true, and there are alternatives you can use to keep your hair healthy, such as letting it air dry overnight or using a microfiber towel.

A break from what is said to be healthy for your skin?

A break from makeup is said to be good for your skin, although this isn't necessarily completely true. As long as you remove your makeup properly at night and complete your skin care routine, that's all the break your skin truly needs.

What is said to be good for treating puffiness under the eyes?

Preparation H has been said to be an effective treatment for puffiness underneath the eyes, but this is not entirely true, as well as somewhat dangerous. This is a beauty myth that hasn't been exactly proven.

What does shaving supposedly do to your hair?

Shaving does not make your hair grow back thicker. It only appears to be thicker as it grows back from where it left off.

There is a myth that says using a product too much will what?

The myth is that if you use a product too much, it will no longer work for you. This is not true as using products long term can sometimes be beneficial.

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