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How well do you remember the card-counting movie classic, 21? Every crime organization needs a set of rules, and those rules aren't meant to be broken. See how much you remember about 21 by taking this quiz!

The movie title, "21," is a reference to what?

A game of cards called Blackjack is also known as Twenty-One. The game is played using a standard deck of cards, with point values assigned to each card. The number 21 comes from the points needed to win. The movie "21" has many references to this game.


What is Ben Campbell's major while attending MIT?

Ben is attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a senior math major. While he is an excellent math student, he is looking to move on to something more.


What university has accepted Ben into medical school?

Ben was accepted into Harvard Medical School. However, the tuition is $300,000. In order to attend, Ben would need to apply for a scholarship.


What does Ben need to do in order to win the scholarship?

Ben has applied as a potential candidate for the Robinson Scholarship. Although he has good test scores and a 4.0 at MIT, there is a chance he may not get the scholarship. Ben needs to write an essay in order to stand out among the other candidates.


Where does Ben work while studying in college?

Ben works at a tailor and clothing store. He just got promoted to assistant manager, making $8 an hour. The name of the store is J. Press Menswear.


What project are Ben and his friends working on?

Ben and his friends are working on developing a self-driving robot. The project requires math, software, electrical, and mechanical engineering. The team enters the 2.09 Achievement Competition with this project.


Professor Micky Rosa leads a team for what?

Professor Micky Rosa leads a blackjack team. However, it is not just a competitive team for fun. The team has been assembled in order to make money.


What actor plays the role of Professor Micky Rosa?

Kevin Spacey plays the role of Professor Rosa, also called Micky. He is known for his roles in American Beauty and House of Cards. He can play complex, intelligent characters, making him a good choice for this role.


Micky's blackjack team has a secret to winning that involves what?

The blackjack team has a system to win which involves card counting. The system allows the team to keep track of cards that would be dealt during a round of play. This allows the team to place bets on more favorable hands.


What role was Ben given on the blackjack team?

After some intense training, Ben gets to test the team's method in an underground casino. He passes the test and becomes a big player on the team. The big player places the large bets at the blackjack table, after the spotters have counted the cards and determined the table to be favorable.


How many people are on Micky's blackjack team, including Ben?

After Ben joins, there are six people on the team. There are four other students: Choi, Fisher, Jill, and Kianna. The team is led by Micky.


Where does Micky take the team to use their new skills?

After the team members receive their roles, Micky takes the team to Las Vegas. Ben quickly realizes the thrill of winning. Ben's performance has left an impression on Rosa.


How long does Ben say he will stay on the team?

If Ben wants to go to Harvard Medical School, he would need at least $300,000. Ben sees the strategy of card counting could get him the money he needs. He agrees to stay on the team until he has enough money for tuition.


How do the teammates communicate with each other while playing the tables?

The team members communicate with each other using hand signals. Folded hands means the table's hot. A touch to the eye means we need to talk. A hand through the hair is a warning to get out.


What does Choi steal from the hotel?

Choi steals a large number of chocolates from the hotel. The chocolates are shaped like casino chips. He was able to swipe them from an unattended maid cart.


Who does Ben become fondly attached to?

Jill has already shown interest in Ben, persuading him to join the blackjack team in the first place. After Ben's recent success as a big player, Jill has become more attracted to him. The two fall for each other in Las Vegas.


Which team member is jealous of Ben's success?

Fisher is extremely jealous of Ben's success. One night Fisher gets drunk and almost blows it for the team by insulting Ben and starting a fight. Micky kicks Fisher off the team.


Where does Ben hide the money he's won?

The money that Ben has won came from counting cards, an activity that is not exactly ethical. He hides the money to avoid detection of his activities. There is a space above the ceiling tiles in his dorm room which provides a nice hiding spot.


What movie reference does Fisher make that insults Ben?

Upset and jealous of Ben, Fisher looks for a way to insult him. Fisher refers to the movie Rain Man, implying that Ben is nothing more than "a retard that counts cards." The comment exposes Ben and exactly what he is doing: counting cards. Of course, it also exposes Fisher's ignorance and rudeness.


What does Ben forget about because he is distracted by playing blackjack?

Ben's group of friends and fellow classmates are disappointed that Ben did not complete his part of the project. The project was for an engineering competition, and Ben's distraction has really hurt their chances. Blackjack has further distanced Ben from his friends.


Who is closely monitoring Micky's team?

The team's success at winning has drawn attention to them. Cole Williams, the casino's security chief, has paid special attention to the team. The casino has been losing more money than usual at the blackjack tables, and Cole thinks the team is cheating.


On the next trip to Las Vegas, what does Ben refuse to do?

Ben is emotionally distracted while playing, because he had failed his friends back home in Boston. The card count at the table has become unfavorable, and Ben is signaled to walk away with his winnings. He refuses to do so and loses $200,000 on the next hand.


What does Micky tell Ben after his huge loss?

Micky angrily leaves the team. He is upset about Ben's loss of $200,000. He tells Ben he must pay him back for the money he lost.


What does the team decide to do once Micky leaves?

After Micky's departure, the team decides to stay in Las Vegas. They pool the remaining money they have. Using their own money, they continue to play and make money for themselves.


Who rats out the team to casino security?

Micky discovers that the team has decided to stay in Las Vegas and play for themselves. The team thinks that Micky has returned to Boston. However, Micky rats out the team to security chief, Cole Williams.


What does Cole Williams do to Ben after he discovers Ben is counting cards?

After learning from Mickey that Ben is counting cards, Cole apprehends Ben. He takes him to a secluded area and proceeds to beat him. He releases Ben with a warning: to stop what he is doing or suffer the consequences.


When Ben returns to Boston, what does he determine was taken from him?

When Ben returns to MIT, he discovers someone entered his dorm room. All of the money that he stashed in the ceiling is missing. At this point, he feels that he did all of that work for nothing.


Who does Ben suspect has taken the money from his dorm room?

Ben has no evidence of who took the cash. However, there is only one person that holds a grudge against him because of a debt. That person would be Professor Rosa, AKA Micky.


What offer does Ben make to Micky?

Ben convinces Micky to rejoin the team. The condition is that they will go to Las Vegas one last time. This will be the last opportunity to win some serious cash.


What security options are being added to the casino?

Ben wants to hit the casino before they install biometric software. This level of security can trace human characteristics, including fingerprints, face recognition, eye recognition, behavioral patterns, etc. The casino intends on using the software to identify individuals that may be counting cards.


What is the name of the casino that the team visits for the final score?

Micky's team frequents the Planet Hollywood Casino. Planet Hollywood is owned by Caesars. By the number of times the team targets this location, it seems it must be easy to get away with counting cards there.


After running into casino security and splitting up, where does the team decide to meet?

After security has spotted the team in the casino, the team gets chased out. They make an effort to say they will regroup at Foxx Strip Club. Ben and Micky get split up as they flee from the casino.


What does Ben give to Micky as they escape from the casino?

Micky motions that he wants the casino chips, and the team members appear to give them to Micky in a black bag. However, Micky was tricked and didn't really receive the chips. He discovers this in his getaway car.


What does Micky find in the bag by surprise?

Micky takes the bag full of "casino chips" and heads for the airport. He reaches into the bag to discover that it is filled with chocolates in the shape of casino chips. To make matters worse, it seems his ride was arranged by Cole, and Micky is apprehended.


Cole Williams wants Micky to meet his friend who works where?

After Micky is apprehended, Cole is offered a sum of cash for his release. Cole doesn't want his money, but he does want Micky to pay for what he has done. Cole says he has a friend who is also good with numbers, but he works for the IRS. Micky's gambling winnings were likely not claimed and therefore Micky would be guilty of tax evasion.


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