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World War II was one of the most damaging wars in history. The war was fought between the Allies and the Axis, who had also clashed during the First World War. During the Second World War, Germany and parts of Europe were experiencing dark times under the rule of Hitler and the Holocaust. How well do you know the dark times of World War II?

Do you know who was the "First Lady of the Third Reich?" Can you name the Japanese soldier who did not surrender along with his country? Do you know who designed the flag used by the Nazis? Make sure that you brush up on important figures of the war; they are crucial to know.

Can you name the plane that was used in the bombing of Hiroshima? What about the concentration camp that issued tattoos to its prisoners? Do you know who the kamikaze pilots were and what they did? Remembering the people, places, and things involved in World War II may be harder than you think.

If you can remember the victory of the Allies, the downfall of Hitler and the many other factors of World War II, this is the quiz for you. Take the quiz to see if you really know your stuff!

Which of the following countries was part of the Axis?

Italy was part of the Axis countries while the others were Allied, or neutral. Italy, Germany, and Japan fought together during the war, sharing similar views on the Allies.


Which country had the most casualties?

The Soviet Union lost an estimated 16 million people during World War II. Many other countries also had a number of casualties that were in the millions.


What was the Dieppe Raid also known as?

The Dieppe Raid was also known as "Operation Jubilee." Although the Allies attacked the Germans, they suffered a significant loss of men in the process.


Jews were the Nazis' main target during the Holocaust, but which of the following were also put into concentration camps?

The Nazis believed Germans should be superior and aimed to kill all Jews to achieve their superiority. They also took Jehovah's Witnesses and gypsies to concentration camps.


Which plane was used in the bombing of Hiroshima?

The Enola Gay was used in the bombing of Hiroshima. The plane dropped a bomb that was named the "Little Boy" which devastated a large part of the Japanese city.


What were hamburgers called during the time of WW II in America?

Hamburgers were called "liberty steaks" in World War II because their actual name sounded German. As the Americans were against Germany in the war, they changed the name for the time to fit with their views.


What is a paratrooper?

Paratroopers are soldiers who drop into battle from above using parachutes. This technique of using parachutes was first used during the Second World War.


What were the Sonderkommando?

The Sonderkommando were groups of Jewish people who during their internment at concentration camps were forced into completing jobs. These jobs were the "dirty work" that the Nazis did not want to do.


Which of the following famous Americans fought in World War II?

Henry Fonda fought in the Second World War. He fought in the military branch of the Navy for three years, later receiving a bronze star for his contribution.


Is it true or false that WW II was the most damaging war in history?

This is true. No other war in history caused as much damage to the world as the Second World War. It produced the most casualties and devasted the world more than any conflict had ever done.


What were the kamikaze pilots?

The kamikaze pilots were from Japan and they attempted to take down enemy planes by flying straight at them. One of the most successful kamikaze pilots was Hiroyoshi Nishizawa who successfully downed 36 enemy planes.


What other Japanese city was bombed during the WW II?

Near the end of the Second World War, the Japanese city of Nagasaki was bombed. Thousands of people lost their lives and a large part of the city was left in shambles.


Which Japanese soldier did not surrender in 1945?

Hiroo Onoda, who fought for Japan and the Axis powers, did not surrender in 1945. Instead, he stuck his ground in the Phillippines until he was found and told about the end of the war.


Which World War II plane was the subject of a movie?

The Memphis Belle was the subject of a 1990 film. The plane was a bomber that was used in air combat in WWII, primarily as a heavy bomber.


Which concentration camp was the only one to issues tattoos?

Auschwitz was the only concentration camp that issued tattoos which contained an identification number, due to the large number of people in the camp.


Who did the Germans attack which started the Phoney War?

The Germans attacked Poland, starting the Phoney War. The Phoney War was a period of absolutely no activity by either side for six months.


After which battle did a rescue have to be made?

The survivors after the Battle of Dunkirk had to be rescued due to there being no way out. This was also referred to as Operation Dynamo.


Who was Irena Sendler?

Irena Sendler was a war heroine who aided the Jews who were targeted by the Germans. She hid the people she was helping and was caught by the Germans, but managed to escape.


Is it true or false that Russia allowed women in the army?

This is true. Women in the army were most commonly in the medical field but there were also some skilled shooters who were Russian women.


How did Hitler die?

Hitler committed suicide along with his new wife who did the same. After his death, the bodies of both he and his wife were covered in gas and burned.


What did the Allied soldiers do after reaching the Rhine River?

Upon reaching the Rhine River, the Allied soldiers urinated into it. One famous photograph shows General Patton about to engage in the act.


Who designed the Nazi flag?

Hitler designed the Nazi flag. He chose the symbol of the swastika for the Nazis, which had been around since ancient times and had a different meaning before Hitler's time.


How old was the youngest person in the Army during WW II?

Calvin Graham was the youngest person to enlist in the army. He was 12 years old. The army did not find out about Graham's true age until he was outed by his mother.


Which WW II battle was the longest?

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest in this war. It was extremely significant, as it ended with the surrender of the Axis countries to the Allied powers. This was also the end of the Second World War.


Is it true or false that the Holocaust took place after WW II?

This is false. The first acts of the Holocaust happened before WW II and progressed as the war started and continued. Jewish people in Germany were first treated terribly, escalating to the destruction of their businesses and belongings which eventually led to concentration camps.


Which of the following countries was neutral at the time of World War II?

Spain had a neutral outlook on the war and did not join up with the Allies or the Axis. By avoiding conflict, there was hope that they would be able to stay out of the battle.


Which book was written by Hitler?

"Mein Kampf" was written by Hitler in 1925 about his life and his future. The book talked about his political views and how he wanted Germany to be.


What was the name of the Russian Army?

The Russian Army was often called and referred to as "The Red Army." They were led by Joseph Stalin during the Second World War.


What disease kept Jews safe from concentration camps?

Jews were kept safe from concentration camps by two doctors who injected Epidemic Typhus. The Nazis would not take the Jews to concentration camps after discovering that they were positive and the individuals injected would not suffer from the sickness.


Is it true or false that all bombs from the war have been diffused?

This is false. There are still countless undetonated bombs that exist, especially in Germany. These bombs are constantly being discovered and must be detonated to dispose of them.


Why were some women shamed after the surrender of the Axis?

After the war and the surrender of the Axis, women were shamed if they had ever engaged in a relationship with the Nazis. In France, their heads were shaved and they were publicly humiliated.


What animal was part of the Polish Army?

A bear named Wojtek was part of Polish Army during World War II. Wojtek helped his fellow soldiers to transport weaponry and also kept them company.


What is the Victoria Cross?

The Victoria Cross is an award given to members of the Commonwealth countries who show courage when face to face with their enemy. Just over 1,300 awards have been given to people who fit these criteria.


Who was "The First Lady of the Third Reich?"

Magda Goebbels was known by this title. She earned the title as Hitler was, at the time, unmarried and she was married to the Minister of Propaganda. After Hitler committed suicide, so did Magda and her husband, who also killed their children.


Because it needed a large number of supplies for troops overseas, what did America do?

America used rations to make sure it had its finances under control and left enough supplies for its soldiers overseas. The country's main focus was providing enough supplies for the war.


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