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It's got everything from the Arctic cold to sandy beaches and everything in between. You can find breathtaking landforms, monuments and tourist destinations throughout the continent. Vacation spots are also present, depending on whether you want to bask in the sun on hot beaches or embrace the cold of the North. What comes to mind for you when you think of North America?

Can you name the capital city of Panama? Do you know where to find Death Valley or the Rio Grande? What about the name of the longest river in North America? Pull out your maps and study up for this quiz. The questions get even harder!

Do you know which North American country has the longest coastline? Can you name the state that isn't physically part of North America, despite being part of the United States? Think you know the largest island in North America, as well as on the Earth itself? North America has many records and unique features that you'll want to know and remember!

If you think you're an expert on all things North American, this will be easier than venturing through the Grand Canyon. Journey through this quiz, conquer some rough terrain and see what you can score!

What is the largest city in North America by population?

New York City is the largest city in North America by population with just over 23 million residents. Mexico City is a very close second with over 22 million people living in the city.

Which of the following countries is Niagara Falls part of?

Niagara Falls is part of both Canada and the United States. The famous falls attract tourists from across the world and provide a source of hydroelectricity.

What is the smallest country in North America?

St. Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in North America. The island is just over 200 kilometers and has a population of over 54,000 people.

Where would you find the city of Juneau?

Juneau is located in Alaska, and it is the state's capital city. It has a small population of just over 30,000 people and is also considered to be an "island city."

What is the capital city of Costa Rica?

San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica and a popular tourist destination. It is also the country's largest city. It was founded in 1738.

How many countries are in North America?

There are 23 countries in North America. The area ranges all the way from Alaska and Canada down to the Caribbean and as far south as Greenland.

What is the largest lake in North America?

Lake Superior is the largest in North America and it is located in both Canada and the United States. The lake was once home to many indigenous peoples.

Is it true or false that there is a coral reef in North America?

This is true. There is a coral reef off the coast of Florida, giving it the name the Florida Reef. It is the only coral reef in North America and one of the largest in the world.

In what country would you find the Chichen Itza?

The Chichen Itza, which was built by the ancient Mayans, is found in Mexico. The incredible historical site is popular with tourists and shows a glimpse of the ancient world.

Which country has the largest population in North America?

The United States has the largest population in North America with more than 300 million people. Thirty-nine million of these people live in the most populated state, California.

Where is Death Valley?

Death Valley is located in California, and it brings a unique feature to North America. It is home to the lowest point in the area which drops 282 feet.

Which state is the most northern in North America?

Alaska is the most northern state in North America. Just over 700,000 people inhabit this state, well-known for its unforgiving wilderness.

What is the capital city of Panama?

Panama City is the capital city of Panama and also the largest in the country. It was an important city for explorers in the 1500s when it was founded.

Through which country does the Pan-American Highway not run?

The Pan-American Highway does not run through Greenland. The highway does run through nine different countries in North America, including Mexico and Honduras.

Which of the following is not a mountain range in North America?

The Pyrenees is not a mountain range in North America, but in Europe. The largest mountain range in North America is the Rocky Mountains.

In which country would you find the Mackenzie River?

The Mackenzie River is located in Canada, specifically in the Northwest Territories. It is among some of the longest rivers in the world and connects to the Arctic Ocean.

Is it true or false that the Gulf Islands are part of North America?

This is true. The Gulf Islands are located off the coast of British Columbia. They lie along the Georgia Straight and people do live on the islands.

Where is the Rio Grande?

The Rio Grande is located in the United States. The river runs through many states, including Texas and Colorado, and is connected to the Gulf of Mexico.

Which state is not part of North America in geographic terms?

Hawaii is not geographically part of North America and is actually part of Oceania. This is not the only unique factor of the state as it is also the only one made up of islands.

Where are the Great Plains?

The Great Plains are in Central North America, spread across Canada and the United States. Some provinces of the Great Plains are Alberta and Saskatchewan, and states include Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Is it true or false that North America is the largest continent in the world?

This is false. North America is actually the third-largest continent in the world. The largest in the world is the continent of Asia and the smallest is Australia.

Which country in North America has the most lakes?

Canada has the most lakes out of all of the countries in North America, which add up to over 31,000. The country is also home to the four Great Lakes.

What is the longest river in North America?

The Missouri River is the longest river in North America. It is more than 2,300 miles long and connects to the next longest river on the continent, the Mississippi River.

What is the name of North America's craton?

North America's craton is named Laurentia. It covers a large part of Eastern and Central North America and has been in existence for millions of years.

Which ocean does not touch North America?

The Indian Ocean does not touch North America. The other three mentioned oceans are the only ones that do touch the continent.

Which of these deserts are located in North America?

The Mojave Desert is located in North America in Nevada and California. It is also known for being the driest on the continent.

Which North American island is the largest on Earth?

Greenland is not only the largest island in North America but in the world. Greenland is easy to confuse with Iceland since it is largely covered with ice!

Is it true or false that there are six time zones in Canada?

This is true. Canada has six time zones across the entire country. These time zones include Pacific, Eastern and Atlantic time zones that sometimes match with the time zones in other North American countries.

Which North American mountain has the largest vertical drop on Earth?

Mount Thor has the largest vertical drop on Earth and it is located in Nunavut, Canada. The incredible cliff is a popular destination for lovers of the outdoors.

Is it true or false that Ohio is one of the Four Corners States?

This is false. The four corners states are Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. There is a monument where the four states connect with each other.

What is North America's climate?

North America experiences all of the different climates possible. To the North, there is tundra, which changes the farther south you go in the region.

Which North American country has the longest coastline?

Canada has the longest coastline in North America and also in the world. The Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans all touch Canada's coastline.

Which North American country has the highest earthquake risk?

Mexico has an extremely high earthquake risk out of all of the North American countries. The area of the Laurentia has less of an earthquake risk than most other places.

What percentage of the Earth's surface does North America take up?

Although North America is large, it only covers 4 percent of the entire Earth's surface. The continent only holds a small percentage of the Earth's population as well with just over 500 million people.

In what state would you find the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is found in Arizona. The Colorado River flows through it. This incredible landform is an extremely popular tourist destination.

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