Can You be Friends with Your Ex?

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So you're not going to live happily ever after, but does that mean you can't still be friends? Navigating a relationship with an ex is a tricky thing. Do you have what it takes?

Did your ex talk about how good looking your friends were when you were together?

How long were you and your ex friends before you started your relationship?

If you hang around your ex, will you find yourself still physically attracted?

Whose friends did you hang out with most during the relationship?

What made you most upset about your ex?

Did your family like your ex?

Do you see yourself getting into another relationship quickly?

Did you share the same hobbies with your ex?

Would you take your ex back if they asked?

Did you share the same political beliefs?

What do you miss most about your ex?

Did you feel like you were a different person around your ex?

What attracted you to your ex in the first place?

What role does this ex play in your life story?

What did your friends say when you broke up with your ex?

How similar were you and your ex's habits with money?

Are there any children, biological or otherwise, involved in the breakup?

Why do you want to be friends with your ex?

Who usually picked up the tab?

Did you like the same kind of movies?

How often do you think of your ex?

How would your ex react to an idea or belief of yours they didn't share?

What's the most you ever spent on a gift for your ex?

Who initiated the breakup?

Did your ex give you time to yourself or to be with your friends without them there?

Did you have pets together?

Are you really going to miss them if you never see them again?

Did your ex make you truly happy?

Would you introduce your ex to a new boyfriend or girlfriend?

Are you hoping this quiz will tell you to stay away from them?

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