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In 2008, Robert Downey Jr. joined the Avengers world as Iron Man. With a sharp mind and even greater equipment, he became a hero to be reckoned with! How well do you remember the first film? Find out with this quiz!

In what country does the film start?

The film begins in Afghanistan. Tony Stark is riding in a vehicle with soldiers when an explosion injures them and derails the trip.


How old was Tony Stark when he built his first circuit board?

36 hours prior to the explosion, a ceremony is being held in Tony's honor. During the presentation, it is mentioned that he made his own circuit board at age 4 and graduated from MIT.


In the first film, where is Tony's house located?

At the beginning of the film, a reporter with whom Tony has a fling wakes up at his mansion located in Malibu.


What's the name of the computer program that runs Tony's operations?

Jarvis is a computer program Tony created that runs all of the operations at his house.


Pepper Potts is played by which actress?

Gwyneth Paltrow stars as Pepper Potts in "Iron Man." She returns for "Iron Man 2" and "Iron Man 3."


When Tony is abducted, what do his captors want him to make for them?

When Tony is abducted after the bombing, his captors want him to build a Jericho missile, a missile he demonstrated for the Army.


What is the name of Tony's company?

His father was a famous weapons dealer, and Tony went into the family business. On many of the weapons, you'll find the words, "Stark Industries."


What's the name of the man who initially stops the shrapnel from reaching Tony's heart?

When Tony initially wakes up after the bombing, he finds out that Yinsen saved his life by placing an electromagnet in his chest to prevent the shrapnel from going into his heart.


What is the name of the group that captured Tony and Yinsen?

Tony is captured by the group, Ten Rings, and their leader, Raza, tasks him with rebuilding his Jericho missile. Instead, Tony Stark, with the help of Yinsen, fashions his original Iron Man suit.


After whose death does Tony decide not to create weapons anymore?

After the death of Yinsen during his escape, Tony returns home and decides that Stark Industries will no longer be making weapons.


Who comes to Tony's rescue in the desert after he escapes the Ten Rings?

After Tony is wandering in the desert, his friend and Lieutenant Colonel comes to his rescue.


Which actor plays James Rhodes?

Terrence Howard stars as James Rhodes in the very first "Iron Man" film. In the sequels, he is replaced by Don Cheadle.


How long was Tony held captive?

When Tony finally returns to the United States, Pepper wants to go to the hospital, but after being held captive for three months, Tony says he wants to do whatever he wants.


What is the first thing Tony wants to eat when he returns home?

After Tony returns home from his captivity, he says that the first thing he wants to eat is an 'American cheeseburger.' They go to Burger King!


Which "Avengers" character appears in the first film?

When Tony holds a press conference after he returns from his captivity, Phil Coulson, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. speaks to Pepper about talking to Tony.


What color is the first Iron Man prototype suit that Tony creates?

When Tony creates the first official prototype of the Iron Man suit, it is made completely in silver. He flies around town to test the suit's abilities.


When Pepper cases the original heart device, what does she have written around it?

When Tony tells Pepper to trash the original device he created while captured, she puts it in a case for him to keep.


When Tony arrives at his benefit, who does he mistake as Hugh Hefner?

When Tony shows up at his benefit, he is seen saying "hi" to someone who is presumably Hugh Hefner. It is actually Stan Lee, the creator of Iron Man, making a cameo.


What color is Pepper's dress at the benefit?

At Tony's benefit for his company, he compliments Pepper on her blue gown. She tells him that it was a gift from him for her birthday.


What is the name of the town to which Stane sends weapons after Tony plans to shut down the weapons department?

When a reporter tells Tony that his weapons were recently sent to Gulmira, Tony goes there himself to destroy them.


What color is Tony's official Iron Man suit?

When Tony takes his official suit to destroy the weapons in Gulmira, we see him suit up as his official red and gold Iron Man.


Where does Tony get the metal for the red and gold Iron Man suit?

While Tony and Jarvis are discussing changes for the Iron Man suit, Tony tells Jarvis to use gold titanium metal found on a satellite.


Who does Stane meet with behind Tony's back?

After Tony saves the people in Gulmira, Stane meets with Raza about recreating the iron suit. During their conversation, it is revealed that Stane planned for Raza to kill him during his captivity.


What is Tony's original mission for creating Iron Man?

After Tony watches people die at the hands of his weapons, he decides to create Iron Man to destroy all of Stark Industries' weapons.


Who is the first to realize that Obadiah paid Raza to kill Tony Stark?

When Pepper goes to Stark headquarters to look through the computers, she discovers Tony's ransom tape. In the tape, his abductors say that the original price that Obadiah paid to kill Tony has gone up.


Which actor plays Obadiah Stane?

Obadiah Stone is Tony's father's old partner. He turns into the antagonist of the film, and is played by Jeff Bridges.


What is written on the license plate for one of Tony's cars?

After Obadiah steals the newest arc reactor from Tony's chest, Tony rushes to the one that Pepper cased for him. During his struggle, we get a glimpse of his license plate that says "Stark 5."


Who is the first person that Pepper tells about Stane's crooked ways?

After Pepper finds out that Obadiah hired Raza to kill Tony, she is met by Phil Coulson, waiting for a meeting with her. She then explains that she needs his help before calling Rhodes.


What's the name of the newspaper that gives him the name "Iron Man?"

While Tony is getting ready for a press conference, he is reading a newspaper that names him as the Iron Man in the headline.


Who says the quote, "Give me a scotch. I'm starving."

Tony Stark is definitely a character who loves his lavish lifestyle - from his house, to his cars, to his liquor.


Which character presses the button that kills Obadiah?

Tony gives Pepper instructions on how to start up the giant arc reactor. When she gets it working, Tony tells her to press up a button which creates a huge blast and kills Obadiah in the process.


What is Tony's last line of the film?

During his final press conference, the journalists are a bit skeptical of the story that there was a malfunction at Stark Industries. Although Tony initially goes with the plans of keeping that story alive, he spontaneously reveals that he is Iron Man.


Which character appears at the end of the movie?

At the end of the film, Tony is stopped by Nick Fury who wants to talk about an initiative featuring a few other superheroes.


What group is Tony asked to join at the end of the film?

After the credits, Nick Fury wants to talk to Tony about the Avengers Initiative, a hint into the films that follow.


When Tony kills the power on the suit and falls through the ground of his house, what color car does he crush?

When Tony brings the silver prototype back to his house, he kills the suit too early. It crashes through the ground and smashes into his blue convertible.


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