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So you’ve spent your fair share of time wandering around the World Wide Web. You’ve picked up an interesting factoid here and there, and maybe even genuinely learned a thing or two along the way. But now that you’re warmed up, you need a test that will truly exercise all your mental muscles. And that means it’s time for you to take this general knowledge quiz!

Is your brain ready to go into beast mode just at the thought of that challenge? It’d better be—because you’re going to want to know a little about our fellow creatures that walk the earth and swim the seas. For example, it might help if you know what a camel stores in its hump. Hopefully you’re not succumbing to nervous laughter right now—and if you are, perhaps you just have some laughing gas in your lungs. What is that stuff really, anyway?

If you’re feeling weary, don’t worry, this isn’t rocket science. Although it might be just a teensy bit of physics, and the closely-related discipline it uses to explain concepts. Nothing you’ll need the help of Superman for, or even his congenial reporter buddy Clark Kent. Wait, are they…?

Anyway, if you can’t cut it don’t look for a—what’s the word for a convenient subject to assign blame to? Instead, buck up and get ready to go to war for the right answers. Maybe take a page out of the book of the guy who was president during World War I.

Without further ado: school’s in session! Remember, try not to cheat. It’s all about the principle. Or is it principal?

What do camels store in their humps?

It's common knowledge that camels store water in their humps, right? Well, actually, it's fat in those humps, like the fat you have below your skin, not water. The fat, though, does help camels survive in the desert -- and under the desert sun -- for a few days at a time without stopping to eat.


Each state has how many senators?

No matter their size or population, all 50 states have two senators. That means, of course, that there are exactly 100 senators serving in the federal system.


What type of animal is a dolphin?

Despite living in water, dolphins aren't fish. They're warm-blooded aquatic mammals. They breathe air with lungs instead of fish gills, and have to frequently swim to the surface to breathe.


Zero degrees Celsius is equal to which Fahrenheit degree?

Zero degrees Celsius is the freezing marker for that unit, while 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the equivalent freezing temperature.


Which of these chemicals is known as "laughing gas?"

If you've ever had a major procedure done at the dentist's office, they might have given you nitrous oxide to knock you out. Its chemical formula is N2O.


What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence?

The Declaration of Independence established America's independence from Britain. Signed in the middle of the American Revolution, it became a major political and cultural touchstone for the United States.


Clark Kent and Superman are...

Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same. As are Peter Parker and Spiderman. Iron Man and Tony Stark. We could go on ...


Physics uses what other discipline to explain concepts?

Physics uses a lot of math. Many physics equations are very complex.


Which of the following terms describes how much of an object exists?

Mass is a measurement of an object. Objects vary in mass.


How do you say the letter 'C' in the US military alphabet?

Charlie has been used for 'C' since WWII. Before that, it was pronounced as Cast.


The person you blame for something you've done wrong, accidentally or otherwise, is your what?

That person's your scapegoat.


Drinking an alcoholic beverage on a cold day can make you feel warm, but does it actually warm you up?

Although you feel warmer when you have a hot toddy when it's cold outside, the reality is actually just the opposite. See, the alcohol in your body causes your blood vessels to dilate -- which is known as vasodilation. This makes you feel warmer, but it's only an illusion -- it's stealing heat from your body's core, and that makes you vulnerable to hypothermia. In addition, studies have found that alcohol can make your body less likely to shiver, which is its natural way of heating you up.


Which word refers to the head of a school?

The "principal" runs a tight ship at the school so that students can learn. His "principles" are a guiding force that helps him make day-to-day decisions in his leadership role.


Who was U.S. president during World War I?

Woodrow Wilson was the isolationist president who eventually realized that American couldn't dodge The Great War. He helped the Allies win a critical victory against European aggressors.


Once elected, how long do U.S. senators serve?

After they're elected, U.S. senators serve six-year terms. But they can be elected an unlimited number of times.


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