Can We Tell Which Beatle You Are Based on Your Personality?

Mark Lichtenstein

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The Fab Four may have made beautiful music together, but make no mistake, they were very different people. The band did break up after all. Given your personality, which Beatle are you most like?

Which Beatles song do you most love to sing?

Are you the cute one in your group of friends?

How controversial are you?

Are you a pacificist?

Are you a writer at heart?

Can we work it out?

What do you need, other than love?

Have you ever gotten together with someone your friends hated?

How's your health?

How spiritual are you?

Would you ever move to New York?

What instrument do you play?

Can you notate a song as well as write it?

Do you know how to arrange multiple voices?

Are you a vegetarian?

What social cause do you fight for?

How you expect to die?

How do you want to be buried?

Have you ever tried an illegal substance?

Other than music, what skill do you have?

What honors would you like to get from your government?

Can you rock really good facial hair?

Would you ever join the Establishment?

Do you have a good business mind?

Are you funny?

Would you ever go it alone?

Are you a big spender?

Are you the popular one?

Are you the weird one?

Do you stand up for the little guy?

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