Can We Guess if You're an Air Force Veteran?

By: Zoe Samuel
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The United States Air Force is the most powerful fighting force ever to take to the skies of this beautiful blue orb we call planet Earth. It has absolute dominance over the areas under American control, and frankly, it could easily assert its power over any other part of the globe if it were so inclined. 

It also has a rather amusing sense of humor, writing on its nukes, "Worldwide delivery in 45 minutes, or the next one's free!" It's an organization in which new ideas and skills are developed, limits are pushed, and power is deployed with finesse one day and a sledgehammer the next. USAF is a textbook case of an extraordinarily brave, highly qualified group of people studying for years to perfect the art of war, then only ever using about ten percent of that potential for destruction. It's all about restraint in the face of overwhelming temptation to simply knock together the heads of everyone that annoys you.

Does this sound like you? Are you someone who can hold back when you have to and then go all out the next minute? Do you understand the value of deterrence? Are you unafraid in a crisis and competent with tech skills? If so, you're probably a USAF veteran. Let's see if we can figure it out!

Do you know how to fly a plane?

Do you have any home remedies for when your ears pop?

What is a hammer?

What is a split S?

Do you ever get nervous on civilian aircraft?

What is the Bernoulli effect?

What is an Immelmann turn?

What is the most important invention to aviation?

What is a reel?

How would you finish "TS, SI, __"?

How do you most commonly give directions?

What happens if you set the autopilot to 0?

What is ping time?

How fast is fast?

What is the coolest plane of all time?

How is your eyesight?

Can you keep a secret?

Where do the best pilots come from?

Are you good under pressure?

Are you tech savvy?

Do you periodically recognize "UFOs" you see in video online?

Can you identify a plane from the sound of its engines?

What's the worst sound you can hear on an aircraft?

Who is your role model?

What's your weakness?

What movie annoys you the most?

What song do you like to sing?

Who would you not want in your proverbial foxhole?

Who is your favorite president?

What's the best thing you saw out of the window of a plane?

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