Can We Guess if You're a Marine Corps Veteran?

By: Brian Whitney
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The Marines are pretty hardcore. If you are a veteran of the Marines, it says a lot about your personality and your values. Everyone who knows you gets that you are tough, brave and strongminded. It also means that you are a good leader, as well as a good follower. 

You have a strong sense of character, and you're dedicated to excellence in everything that you do. If someone is on your team, then you have that person's back, even if you don't like them a whole lot.

Because there are so many qualities that it takes to be a marine, we think if you take this test, we have a pretty good shot at guessing whether you are a Marine Corp Veteran or not. Are you the kind of person that stays calm no matter what is going on around you, and are always ready for an emergency? 

Are you the kind of person that always stays in fighting shape and does the right thing no matter what? When someone yells "Semper Fi, Do or Die," do you fill a chill go up your spine? If you say yes to most of those questions, you probably are a veteran of the Marines. Take this quiz and see if we can guess right.

Do you mind being around all sorts of people?

Can you sleep anywhere?

How would your friends describe you?

Do you tend to look for suspicious activity wherever you are?

What time do you get up on Saturdays?

Are you really polite?

Do you work out a lot?

How into the 4th of July are you?

Do you wear sunglasses a lot?

What is a long walk to you?

Do you ever say "Roger?"

Do you ever "tell war stories?"

Is it important that people have your back?

How many flags do you own?

Would you describe yourself as macho?

Are you protective of those you love?

How fast do you eat?

Do you walk fast?

Do you have any facial hair?

How long is your hair?

Do you always give your best?

Do you like to make a plan before you do things?

Do you thrive on danger?

Do you always make your bed in the morning?

How neat is your place?

What is your favorite sport?

Do you lie to get what you want?

Are you prone to panic?

Would you make a good cop?

Which branch of the military is the coolest?

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