Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based on What You'd Buy at Costco?

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About This Quiz

You can tell a lot about someone by what kind of items they buy. Based upon your purchases at Costco, we should be able to accurately guess your sign!

How long have you been a Costco member?

How would your best friend describe your shopping style?

Will you clip any coupons to take to Costco?

Which bathroom product would you buy in bulk?

What might you pick up in the electronics aisle?

Would you ever purchase eyeglasses from Costco?

Have you ever used Costco's travel services?

In which season were you born?

Which piece of furniture would you purchase from Costco?

If you were to organize a wedding, what would you purchase at Costco?

Have you ever purchased clothing from Costco?

Do you ever shop at Costco online?

Which office supply would you add to your cart?

Would you ever give a Costco gift card as a gift?

Which room of your home do you do the most shopping for every month?

Do you usually have a messy cart when you've finished shopping?

Which brand of computer would you consider buying at Costco?

Which Costco service might you use?

Which appliance would you most like to replace in your home?

Which food item would you stock up on at Costco?

Who usually accompanies you to Costco?

What baby item would you purchase at Costco?

Have you ever used Costco's printing or photo services?

Which type of Costco membership best suits your need?

Which sporting goods item interests you most?

What holiday item would you buy at Costco?

Would you buy jewelry at Costco?

What do you wear when you go shopping?

Which outdoor living item would you buy from Costco?

Do you use Costco's pharmacy services?

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