Can We Guess Your Strongest Intelligence Trait?

By: Talin Vartanian
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All human beings are born with a sense of intelligence, and this eventually grows and develops from exposure to various experiences. Intelligence can also be divided into one of two categories: street smarts and book smarts. If you're a more street-smart person, then you've probably acquired knowledge from overcoming difficult life obstacles, rather than from reading materials, classroom activities or homework assignments. On the other hand, someone who possesses more book smarts may be intelligent because of their knowledge in all kinds of school subjects, such as art, math, social studies and English. You could also be a rare hybrid of both types of intelligence, which means you might have excelled in both school and certain life experiences!

Within the two categories of book smarts and street smarts includes many different intelligence traits. For example, one of these traits is called "bodily-kinesthetic," which comes from learning by simply immersing yourself (physically) in an activity or a subject. Such intelligence also typically comes from wanting to stay away from classrooms and reading materials, as this may be perceived as boring to some people. So if you're curious about what type of intelligence you possess, take our intellectual personality quiz now!  

Do creative ideas flow through your mind very naturally, or does it take a while for the light bulb to appear above your head?

Are you more likely to win a spelling bee, a chess match or a math competition?

Your friend just invited you over for game night! Which of these board games are you bringing along?

If unlimited wisdom could be bought for $100,000, would you start saving up for this purchase?

During a conversation with someone, do you learn more by listening or talking with them?

It's time for a zen retreat! How often do you meditate to clear your mind of restless thoughts?

Can you sense the emotions of other people, or is this a skill that you have not acquired yet?

Do you feel like you have a purpose in life, or are you still trying to figure out why you've been brought to this Earth?

If you could adopt the mind of one of these famous philosophers, which one would you pick?

Everyone thinks better during certain times of the day. Do you think more clearly during the morning, afternoon or evening hours?

After a long day of school or work, which of these activities do you partake in to clear your mind?

It's time for a trip to the bookstore! Which of these book genres are you the most interested in?

Does solving a Rubik's Cube sound like fun to you, or is this a boring way to spend your free time?

When it comes to learning about other cultures, what's your preferred way to gain new insight about the world?

Is there a solution to every single problem in this world, or are some problems unsolvable?

If you could become an expert at one of these fun hobbies, which one would you pick?

Let's clear your mind for a moment. Do you find yourself asking or answering more questions in life?

You may be more like an animal than you think! Which of these animals matches your current state of intelligence?

Can you control your emotions well, or does your temper fluctuate like the wind in the air?

Between the subjects of philosophy and psychology, which one would you prefer to study as a career?

Let's say that you're going to cook some chili for tonight. Are you going to follow a recipe or follow your instincts?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how well can you take criticism with regards to your work?

Your best friend just invited you on a last-minute road trip for a few days. Are you going to drop everything and go with them or stay behind?

Do you have a strong sense of competition within you, or is this is the total opposite of who you are as a person?

Would your friends and family describe you as "frugal" when it comes to managing your finances?

Let's see how confident you are! Do you need compliments to help you feel smart in life, or are you already aware of how intelligent you really are?

If you needed to make a quick decision about something, how many seconds would it take you to come to a conclusion?

When it comes to the idea of success, are you more motivated by money, happiness or something else?

Is daydreaming just a big waste of time, or does it help you think about what you truly want in life?

Would you rather be friends with someone who was intelligent but rude or someone who was kind but not too smart?

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