Can We Guess if Your Significant Other Is More Like a Cat or a Dog?

Zoe Samuel

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Do your significant other like to annoy you while you're using the computer, or do they save their need for attention until the mornings? Sharing the things you love, and the things that drive you insane, about your sweetheart will clue is into their animal behaviors. We'll figure out if they are more of a sly pussy cat or a slobbering dog! 

Dogs are amazing companions, but they are a whole lot more needy than cats. On the flip side, cats are more independent and need less constant attention. Throughout this quiz, we're going to ask you some fairly intense, and hilarious questions, about your relationship. We'll need to know the things about your love interest that you find endearing and the ones that make you want to move away and change your name. Our love for out pets is unconditional. In many ways, it's the same for our favorite pets of all - our partners! 

By the time we're done, we're confident we will nail down your significant other's place in the domestic animal kingdom! Give us all the nitty, gritty details about your lives together. Then, we'll let you know if your partner is more cat or more dog!

How tidy is your boo?

Do they groom a lot?

If they want to snuggle, is a snuggle definitely happening?

How about if you want to snuggle?

Do they ever shut down for no obvious reason?

Do they reliably call people back?

Do they wear their heart on their sleeve?

Do they leave hair literally everywhere?

Do they have trouble using the bathroom correctly?

Do they bring you presents all the time?

Do they bring you stuff you really don't want or need?

Do they tell everyone else they love you?

Are they good with strangers?

How protective are they?

If you're sad, do they always comfort you?

If you're happy, do they celebrate with you?

Are they warm and kind?

Do they express their love with physical affection?

How eloquent are they?

Do they love heights?

How do they feel about water?

Do they depend on you for a lot of things?

Do they love to go out and about with you, or on their own?

Do you usually know what they are up to?

Do they do what you want them to do, most of the time?

Do you know with certainty they will be loyal to you from now until eternity?

Do they manipulate you without realizing it?

Do they manipulate you on purpose?

Are they very set in their ways?

Do they love to be around you even if you're not talking, just to feel your presence?

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