Can We Guess Your Secret Fetish?

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It's very likely that everyone has some kind of fetish they're into, to a greater or lesser degree. The question at some point has to become what even qualifies as a fetish. For most people, the word is used to indicate something unusual. It's something you're into that is not the standard, basic sort of thing, but who decides what that means? For instance, if you find feet really attractive, what makes that a fetish? Everyone has feet, so that doesn't make it unusual. Is it uncommon because you're only supposed to find certain body parts attractive? Says who? Or does it become a fetish because you're unusually obsessed with it and it's the only thing that attracts you? When you really start getting into it, there's a lot to unpack.

At the end of the day, if your fetish doesn't hurt anyone, doesn't disrupt anyone's life and it makes you happy, it's probably A-OK. Safe, sane and fully consensual fun shouldn't have to have any shame attached to it, whether you're into feet or balloons or dressing up like your favorite characters from "Star Trek." With that in mind, do you think we can figure out what that fetish of yours is? No judgment here, just some fun. Take the quiz and let's find out.

Say it's a beautiful day in July and you're heading to the beach with some friends. What do you want to do most?

What do you think is the best way to meet someone if you're looking for someone new to date?

How far is too far to go on a first date with someone?

If you're just having some private time alone, what do you think you'll be wearing?

Some foods are more strongly associated with those intimate, sexy times than others. What do you like best?

Have you ever whipped up a music playlist specifically designed to help set the mood?

How many people would you say even know about your fetish?

Suppose your parents found out about your fetish. How would that go?

How often would you say you Google your fetish and read things about it or watch videos?

If your partner is at work and you won't see them for a few hours yet but you're feeling a little frisky, what would you do?

Is your fetish so important that you need to indulge it constantly or do you just try to enjoy it once in a while?

Do you feel like people would judge you if they knew your fetish?

How much enjoyment can you get out of your fetish out in the real world, not in a bedroom scenario?

Would you be satisfied with an evening of indulging only your fetish and not engaging in any other kind of fun?

How likely are you to need some kind of a safe word when you're indulging in your fetish?

What would be the most amazing place you could think of to have some fun with your fetish, assuming it was cool to do so?

If we were picking through your closet and drawers, what color would we find most represented in your wardrobe?

Are you attracted enough to danger to date someone with a criminal history?

When you meet someone new what do you tend to notice about them first?

Does the internet have a lot to tell you about your fetish or not?

If you were looking to rank things, would you say your fetish is really popular with people or not?

Are you attracted to a partner who is physically taller or larger than you?

Do you like a partner who can be a little dramatic and theatrical sometimes?

What are your thoughts on body art and piercings?

Do you need anything extra to help enhance the enjoyment of your fetish?

How do you bring up what you're into with other people for the first time anyway?

Are there certain articles of clothing someone can wear that really enhance the mood for you?

How important to you is it that a partner takes really good care of themselves physically?

Do you like your partner to have the same fetish as you?

You have one "main" fetish, but do you have others?

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