Can We Guess Your Relationship Status by What You're Currently Watching on Netflix?

By: Kennita Leon
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What you watch on Netflix says a lot about you. In fact, we can probably guess whether you're in a relationship or not based on your favorite shows. Don't believe us? Take this quiz.

How many devices do you have Netflix on?

Which device do you use to watch Netflix?

How many people share your Netflix account?

How often do you watch Netflix?

Which movie category do you find yourself going back to?

And if you had to remove one film genre from Netflix, which would it be?

What's the first TV series you'd want to download on Netflix?

About how long does it take you to binge watch an entire season on Netflix?

If you had to choose one superhero show to binge watch on Netflix for the next week, which would it be?

About how many movies would you say you watch every week?

Which original Netflix series is the best?

Which series do you wish Netflix would cancel?

Which of these action/adventure movies would you add to your list?

Animated shows can really lighten up a day. Which one are you most likely to watch?

Let's throw it all the way back. Which old school show do you miss watching but was picked up by Netflix?

Everyone loves a good horror movie. What's the best one that Netflix has to offer?

Documentaries aren't for everyone, but which of these would intrigue you the most?

Netflix has lots of stand-up comedy specials. Which one would you watch?

Which actor could you watch all day?

What TV series do you wish was on Netflix?

Which streaming service do you really prefer?

What's your go-to movie snack?

What do you drink when you're getting ready to binge?

How many Netflix hours do you log for the month?

Now some quick questions about your relationships. How many would you say you've been in?

Are you happier when you're single or taken?

What word usually describes your relationships?

Do your relationships usually end on good notes?

How quickly are you able to move on to a new relationship?

Who do you watch it with?

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