Can We Guess Your Relationship Status Based on Your Taste in Romance Novels?

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Movies may be fun to watch, but do you know what can be equally entertaining and educational? Books! With so many types of novels in this world, it can be difficult to choose just one to read. But today, we're not going to focus on horror, action or Sci-Fi books, because we're turning our attention to something a little more romantic ...

A good romance novel describes the journey of the main character, with a particular focus on their love life. They may meet someone in a village by pure luck, or they may already know a friend from work. And sometimes, they don't even want to be in a relationship or to find love. But more often than not, the main character will develop a strong, emotional bond with someone that they admire. They may even deny their feelings at first, but almost all romance novels illustrate this popular phrase: "The heart wants what it wants." In short, romance novels may portray specific situations that are true to life and journeys that could resemble your own love story. So in this romantic quiz, we're going to find out what your relationship status is based on what types of romance novels you like!

Which of these romance novel titles describes your love life?

Is "50 Shades of Grey" a real romance novel?

Do you prefer contemporary or historical romance novels?

What do you tend to judge a romance book by?

What kind of tone do you like in a novel?

Have you read the entire "Twilight" series?

Which of these romance authors would you want to meet in person?

Which do you prefer: short stories or epic novels?

Which of these romantic tearjerkers would you like to read?

Which of these romance sub-genres do you prefer?

Are romance novels really better than their movie counterparts?

Which of these popular novels would you like to read right now?

Travel back in time with one of these popular historical romance novels!

Do you prefer a male or a female as the main protagonist?

Do you like to relate to the main character?

Do you prefer realistic or fantasy stories?

What do you think of the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"?

What's your favorite type of ending to a book?

Which of these Jane Austen novels is your favorite?

Have you read the classic romance novel "Gone with the Wind"?

Do you prefer stand-alone books or sequels?

How do you feel about vampire romance novels?

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic person?

Which do you prefer: indie authors or well-known authors?

What makes a romance novel good for you?

What do you think about "happily ever after" endings?

How many romance novels do you actually own?

How does a good romance novel make you feel?

Do you secretly wish that your life was like a romance novel?

On a scale of 1-5, how much do you love the romance genre?

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