Can We Guess Your Most-Hated Food?

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When people are trying to get to know one another they often ask about favorites. What's your favorite song? What's your favorite movie? And, of course, what's your favorite food? That last one is hard to answer because odds are you love a whole bunch of different foods. And why shouldn't you? The world is full of delicious foods and delectable ways to prepare them. You could probably make a list of dozens of things you'd love to eat for dinner tomorrow. 

But there's one very short list of food that's much easier for most of us to come up with — the dreaded hate list. That one food that you despise more than any other. The thing that makes your stomach turn sour just by looking at it. You hate this food so much you can't understand how other people can eat it? We know the feeling!

You might think guessing your most-hated food is no easy task and you'd be right. it's going to take a few questions for us to figure it all out, but make no mistake, by the end of this quiz, we're going to nail down that one dish that you just can't stand and never want to taste again. Pull up a chair, grab some napkins and take the quiz!

It's a lazy Saturday and you're home alone. What are you going to make for dinner?

For one million dollars in cold, hard, tax-free cash, how much of your most-hated food are you willing to eat?

Don't tell chef Gordon Ramsay, but how many times a week would you say you cook something in the microwave?

We're having a pizza party! What do you want on yours?

Does the food you hate ever sneak its way into something you're eating without your knowledge?

You're planning a birthday dinner for your best friend. What kind of restaurant do you want to avoid?

We know hate is a strong word, but how much do you actually hate this food?

You have receptors for 5 different tastes in your mouth. Which taste do you crave the most?

Are you more of a vegetarian or carnivore?

When you get a choice of a side dish at a restaurant, which one of these are you most likely to go for?

What does every hamburger need on it?

Smell and taste are closely related. Can you eat food if it has a really strong odor?

If your favorite restaurant had some kind of spicy food challenge, would you give it a try?

The best-tasting foods are usually not that good for you. Do you try to stick to healthy food or not?

If a friend has some super sour candies and offers you one, are you in?

Would you rather try a dish you knew was probably going to be too spicy or one that seemed like it had no seasoning at all?

Are you OK with eating food even if it looks absolutely gross?

You know you sometimes like a little fast food. What's your go-to place?

We all know you're supposed to eat a balanced diet from all four food groups ... but which one is your favorite?

When you go to a restaurant and place your order do you ask for anything special or are you taking it as-is?

How did you discover you hated your most hated food item anyway?

If you're out for dinner with some friends and one of them orders the food you hate, how are you going to react?

Do people ever give you a hard time about your hated food?

In the kitchen are you a culinary wizard or are you still honing those cooking skills?

There are hundreds of different cooking techniques you could use to get the job done. What's your favorite way to cook?

When you go out to eat you have all kinds of choices, but nothing gives you more choice than the mighty buffet! What do you think of buffet restaurants?

Bar food isn't necessarily healthy (or yummy, for that matter), but people still eat it. What's the best bar food?

OK: You're having dinner with your significant other's parents for the first time and they serve you the very food you hate. What do you do?

Which one of these do you think you could eat the most of, assuming you were in some kind of eating competition?

Sometimes the difference between a bad meal and a good meal is in the sauce. What sauce do you always have on hand?

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