Can We Guess Your Job Based on Your Marvel Preferences?

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Marvel Comics has come a very long way since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby started cranking out some of the most famous characters in comics history back in the 1960s. Those simple books that so many people dismissed as kid's stuff for years have grown to become a part of our culture. The stories and the characters represent the same ideals we praise in literature, but they're presented in a more visually exciting format and have gone on to spawn the biggest movies of all time. No hyperbole there, "Avengers: Endgame" has grossed more money than any film in history. That's pretty incredible for a comic book.

Everyone knows Marvel now, and there's no doubt you have your favorites as well. Favorite characters, favorite powers, favorite movies. There's a lot to be into in the Marvel Universe, and Marvel knows they have a diverse fanbase. That's why you can go from straight-up superhero action to sci-fi to horror to character-driven stories all in the same setting. All that variety means we can probably learn a lot about you based on nothing but your Marvel preferences. So why not tell us a bit about yours and we'll tell you exactly what you do for a living. It doesn't take a psychic like Professor X, either. Just a quiz!

Most jobs require teamwork just like being a superhero. What's your go-to Marvel team?

When brute strength can't save the day, maybe the mystical arts can. Which magical Marvel character is your favorite?

Looks can be deceiving, and some Marvel heroes look pretty creepy. Which monstrous hero would you choose?

Marvel has both small scale villains and epic villains. Who's the most dangerous villain, in your opinion?

Marvel movies have proven to be insanely popular, even if they're not all in the same universe. What was the best non-MCU film?

Marvel created a massively interwoven story in the MCU. Which movie was your favorite?

Captain Marvel was the first female superhero to get her own movie. Who else deserves one?

Wolverine got his own solo movie with "Logan." Any other X-Men you think would make for good stories on their own?

The Fantastic Four have had three tries at movies, and none of them really worked. Would you watch another one?

How many Marvel comics have you read in your life?

Marvel makes good use of time travel. Which time-displaced character is most interesting to you?

Many Marvel heroes are known for having a quick wit and smart mouths. Who's the funniest Marvel hero?

Some villains are straight evil and some are kind of sympathetic. Which villain do you kind of get?

Not every hero can be the best hero. Which MCU hero do you think is the worst?

Marvel has crossed over with DC in the past. Which DC villain would you like to see take on some Marvel heroes?

Many Marvel characters have gear that makes them tougher. What super-powered weapon do you want?

Heroes "shouldn't" fight heroes but, of course, they sometimes do. Which fight would you want to see?

Even though it doesn't help you fight that much, flying is still one of the coolest powers out there. Who's the best flying character?

Whose apparent death hit you the hardest in "Infinity War"?

There could have been any number of ways to take out Thanos in "Endgame." Who would you like to have seen take down the Mad Titan?

Which villain from Marvel comics hasn't been in an MCU film yet, but you'd like to see them in one?

Wolverine may be coming to the MCU, but it won't be Hugh Jackman. Who should play him?

Which classic Spider-Man villain should the web-slinger take on in his next solo adventure?

There are a number of male characters in Marvel comics that have been replaced by female versions. Which one do you like best?

Which non-super-powered hero do you think is best?

All things being equal, who seems a little overpowered and could probably have shown up to help Spider-Man in "Far From Home"?

Marvel had a good showing on Netflix for a while. Which show was the best?

"Blade" came in out in 1998 and really kicked off the era of "quality" Marvel movies. But which pre-1998 movie did you like best?

Pick the worst Marvel sequel!

Which super-couple would you want to see more of on film?

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