Can We Guess Your Imaginary Friend’s Name?

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Imaginary friends are a phenomenon going back thousands of years. Ancient people had their share of imaginary friends, usually in the form of some sort of supernatural entity, like gods and spirits. Today, we see imaginary friends in a much more clinical way.

There tend to be two kinds of imaginary friends: the ones children have, and the ones adults have. Children often have imaginary friends, a totally normal part of the development of the imagination, and some studies suggest that imaginary friends help kids build social and linguistic skills, helping development. Imaginary friends take many forms for children. The imaginary friends adults keep are very different. Adults' imaginary friends, while sometimes a holdover from childhood, are more often than not a form of a clinical problem, or serious issue in life.

Some imaginary friends are idealized versions of the self; a goal to which children aspire. Some are just representations of the kindness children want for themselves, that perhaps they feel is missing from their real-world friends or siblings. Some are essentially alibis who children blame for wrongdoing like breaking household objects or stealing from the cookie jar. What imaginary friends one has and the form they take can be influenced by the people in their lives, and even their birth order, if they have siblings.

Answer some questions for us, and we will guess the name of your imaginary friend!

What did your folks think of your real friends?

How do you think your relationship with your imaginary friend influenced your career as an adult?

How has your relationship with your imaginary friend shaped your friendships with real people as an adult?

Did your imaginary friend have friends other than you?

How often did you spend time with your imaginary friend?

At what skill did your imaginary friend excel?

What kinds of things did you like to do with your friends when you were in elementary school?

Did your imaginary friend live with you, or were they just visiting?

Did your imaginary friend have any special powers?

What quality did your imaginary friend have that your childhood friends did not have?

What adventures did you and your imaginary friend enjoy together?

If your imaginary friend were to have a job, what job would it be?

What was your imaginary friend's opinion on your family?

Who else shared a relationship with your imaginary friend?

How did time spent with your imaginary friend shape your creative pursuits?

What was the most mundane circumstance in which you would hang out with your imaginary friend?

How would you describe the relationship you have with your siblings?

Other than you, with whom did your imaginary friend spend time?

How many siblings did you have growing up?

What criticisms did your parents have of your imaginary friend?

Did you have lot of friends when you were little?

How strict was your upbringing?

Where are you in the birth order of your siblings?

Over what did you and your childhood friends quarrel?

What activity did you and your imaginary friend usually engage in together?

Was your imaginary friend into many things you weren't?

When did you experience a rocky patch with your childhood friends?

How do you think having an imaginary friend benefited you?

How old was your imaginary friend?

Approximately how old were you the last time you spent time with your imaginary friend?

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