Can We Guess Your Ideal Hair Color Based on Your Fashion Preferences?

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About This Quiz

No matter what your hair color is now, everyone has an ideal hair color that is right for them! It could be blonde, red, black or brown, and there's only one way to find out: by taking this quiz! 

Here's how it's going to work: you answer 30 questions about your sense of style and fashion preferences, and we'll match you to your ideal hair color! Sound fun? You'll never know which hair color suits you the best if you don't take this quiz! 

There are many factors when it comes to fashion choices. Some people love bright and bold colors, patterns and textures. Others prefer to enhance their look with a variety of accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, purses, hats and shoes.

While there are quite a few fashionable people in this world, there are also many people who are more carefree with their fashion preferences. In other words, some people prefer comfort over style, with clothing choices like hoodies, sweatpants and sneakers.

But at the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to dress up, as everyone has their own unique sense of style. It's time to find out what yours is with this fashionable quiz!

What does your spring wardrobe consists of?

You're stuck on a deserted island, but at least you have your...?

Your fashion inspiration comes from which of these cities?

You bought some jeans that are too tight. What do you do?

A lively party calls for which of these outfits?

How would you wear your hair for a job interview?

Which makeup look would you choose for a trip to the mall?

You prefer skirts that are...?

Which of these fashionable items are you super picky about?

During the spring months, what color do you like to paint your nails?

Which of these '90s fashion trends are you a fan of?

If you could dress like a celebrity for a day, who would you pick?

Which of these accessories can complete any outfit?

You have way too many what in your shoe closet?

Where do you go shopping for a new purse?

How much money are you willing to spend on a new pair of shoes?

Do you dress up to go to the gym?

Which of the following would you wear on a date?

Which of these belts would you match to your favorite outfit?

Are you a fashion guru or are you more lazy with fashion?

If you wanted to hide your eyes behind a pair of shades, which of these would you choose?

What does fashion mean to you?

What kind of fashionable patterns do you like best?

How often do you dress up to go out?

How would you best describe your sense of fashion?

It's a little bit chilly today. What are you putting on to stay warm?

Which of the following scarves do you have in your closet?

Are you afraid of taking fashion risks?

Which of these fashion risks would you pick to wear for a day?

Do you dress for yourself or for others?

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