Can We Guess Your Highest Bowling Score?

By: Ian Fortey
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You can trace bowling history all the way back to Ancient Egypt, which makes it one of the oldest games in the world. We're talking evidence from 3,200 B.C. Safe to say they probably didn't have that little hand blower next to their lanes back then. Even though it's never achieved the heights of football or basketball, it's still a very popular game played by literally tens of millions of people every year. So what's the appeal? 

Well, unlike many games, it doesn't require you to be in peak physical condition to not only play but excel at the game. It's very leisurely, it works at your pace, and you can even play it all alone. It's a perfect game for people who don't need all the strict rules and structure of team sports but who want a challenge that still requires skill and discipline.

Bowling is by no means an easy game to master, but some of us do pretty well. Maybe you do pretty well yourself. Why not answer a few questions about yourself and your game, and we'll guess just how good you are and what your all-time best score is? Just spare us a minute - worst case scenario we hit the gutter.

There's more than one way to bowl out there. What's the best game?

What's the best movie featuring bowling ever made?

Which game do you think you'd play if bowling wasn't an option?

Practice makes perfect. How many games do you think you've bowled?

Who did you go bowling with the very first time you tried the game?

What's the best food to eat while you're bowling?

Everyone fears the gutter! What's your opinion on bumper bowling?

Have you ever tried cosmic bowling?

Is lawn bowling something you'd ever consider playing?

Do you own a bowling ball?

Would you rather square off against 10 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Are you a part of a bowling league?

Have you ever heard of duckpin bowling?

They say variety is the spice of life. Have you ever tried your hand at 9-pin bowling?

Take your time with this one. Which of these bowls of soup would you pick?

Are you as good at candlepin bowling as you are at regular bowling?

Do you know what they do in Canada? Five-pin bowling! What's your opinion?

Do you ever play Skee-Ball?

It's always good to know your history. What do you know about skittles?

If you want to succeed at bowling, you need the right ball. What kind are you picking?

What do you know about axis rotation?

So when it comes to serious bowling, do you know what a beer frame is?

Have you ever had a hambone while you were bowling?

What would you do if you ended up with the dreaded 7-10 split?

What's your opinion on bowling shoes?

Who's your bowling hero?

What's the absolute worst topping to get on a pizza?

Have you ever taken a date to a bowling alley before?

Do you like to go bowling to be with other people or to get away from other people?

Do you ever bowl with your non-dominant hand?

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