Can We Guess Your Haircolor Based on Your Fashion Preferences?

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About This Quiz

What's your sense of style like? In this quiz, we're about to learn more about your fashion habits based on 30 questions about shirts, pants, accessories and more! Depending on your answers, you'll be matched with either black, red, blonde or brown hair. Want to find out if we're right or wrong? 

Fashion is an artistic way of emoting a variety of inner feelings. For example, someone who is a happy and playful person may dress in an artistic manner, with bold colors that don't necessarily match with each other. These types of people are also generally very confident with themselves since these fashion moves can be quite risky to pull off! 

On the other hand, someone who may be more sad or upset in their day to day life might not care for fashion as much. Their wardrobe may consist of comfort-based items such as wool fabrics, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. However, this isn't true for all people, as "comfortable" fashion can be pulled off in a "cool" way too! 

If you're ready to find out which hair color you're about to be matched with, it's time to take this quiz right now! Are you a redhead, a blonde, a brunette or someone with jet black hair? You'll never know if you don't take this quiz!

Which of the following is your accessory of choice?

What would you pair with a high-waisted skirt?

Your everyday jacket is a simple...?

How do you stay warm during chilly weather?

What is your favorite fashion season?

Which shirt pattern goes with any pair of jeans?

What do you normally wear when going to the mall?

Are you into colored jeans?

What is your go-to jewelry of choice?

Would you ever pair tights with shorts?

Who is your celebrity style icon?

Which cocktail dress color do you think works for any evening?

What do you have too many of in your closet?

Which of these hats would you choose for the warm summer months?

Your sense of style can be described as...?

Do you follow fashion trends or do you just wear what you want?

Do you own any vintage clothing?

You love to wear ________ during summer months.

Do you wear any high heels?

What kinds of wardrobe colors do you prefer?

Is your sense of style more masculine or feminine?

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

Do you like to experiment with colors, patterns and textures?

You dress like someone from...?

Do you prefer cheap or expensive clothes?

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Big or small purses: which do you prefer?

Would you ever wear hand-me-downs or thrift store clothing?

Your pajama set of choice is...?

Many of your clothes are made from...?

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