Can We Guess Your Hair Color in 30 Questions?

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Like it or not, our hair color says something about who we are to the world. Some people feel blondes are ditsy, yet others feel they have more fun. Redheads have a reputation for a fiery temper, yet many appreciate their boldness. Brown hair tends to be perceived as conservative, yet there are many shades of brown hair. Black hair is thought to be mysterious or sexy. Those with funky colors in their hair may be called flaky or creative. We all know those are stereotypes. We know some people who fit them and more people who don't. 

A change in hair color may give you a new boost of confidence, but it doesn't change who you fundamentally are. For this reason, we all have a complex relationship with our hair. Some of us keep the same hairstyle and color forever, because it's comforting. Others would change their hair color every day if their hair could handle it. 

Now, it's time to find out if we can accurately guess what color locks you currently rock! How accurate are we? Are we spot on or not even close? You may be inspired to try a new color! There's only one way to find out! Scroll down to take the quiz.

If you could wear only one color for the rest of your life, your wardrobe would consist of which color?

Which celebrity would you trade hair colors with?

What color highlight would you add to your hair to change things up a bit?

When was the last time your hair went au natural?

Who has the most fun?

What color would you wear only if your life depended on it?

When you're at a party, how would your friends describe your behavior?

What personality trait do people associate with your hair color?

If you were given a large sum of money, what would you blow it on?

When you go swimming, do people recommend you wear a swim cap?

Which hair care item is essential to looking good?

If you were reincarnated as a dog, what breed would you be?

What country speaks to your soul?

When you have a bad hair day, what is the usual reason?

What music genre dominates your playlists?

Which Kardashian/Jenner would you trade places with for a day?

You're selected as a contestant on a reality show, which one is it?

You're walking around the Hollywood dream car lot, which fictional vehicle are you buying?

Which month do you wish every other month was like?

It's family game night, which game did you bring?

Which advertising mascot is a kindred spirit?

When there's a new fashion trend, what's your first thought?

What app is always open on your smartphone?

If you were arrested, who would be the first person you'd call?

Who's your fictional BFF?

You're singing karaoke, but can only pick a Britney song. What's your jam?

Someone you have a crush on asks you out, where are you taking them?

Do people ever have a hard time taking you seriously because of your hair color?

Who's your favorite Spice Girl?

Which Harry Potter house did the Sorting Hat put you in?

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