Can We Guess Your First Pet?

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Nothing teaches us more about love and compassion than our first pets. Along with the responsibility that came with pet ownership, we learned how to view the world through another creature's eyes. Once you tell us about your first pet and your love for animals, we think we'll be able to guess which one you called your own. 

When you think back to your first pet, there's no doubt that you are filled with waves of nostalgia. Whether your first pet was the one who ate your Brussels sprouts for you or the one who kept you entertained for hours, it left you with a lot more life experience than you might realize. By the time we finish learning about you and your relationship with the animal kingdom, we'll know which pet first made you feel loved. 

As you scamper or slither your way through our questions, channel all the memories you hold about your first pet. Seeing how you feel about other animals and the way you cared for your first will let us know which one you had. Will our guess be in the right aisle of the pet store, or will we get it wrong? Take the quiz to find out!

Why do turtles make such great pets?

Which apex predator do you find most fascinating?

What do you have in common with a manatee?

Where did your first pet usually sleep?

How many pets do you have right now?

Which part of the zoo would you like working in?

Would you like having a pet parrot?

Why are cats better pets than dogs?

How would you handle a stray cat living on your porch?

If you got a new puppy, which name would you consider?

Which of these creatures is most frightening?

Why do cats groom themselves in public?

Which of the big cats has the best look?

If you were a dog, where would you hide your chew toy?

What do you think goldfish think about?

Have you ever had a pet chicken?

Which kind of snake would make the best pet?

If you were a farmer, which animals would you raise?

How much responsibility did you have for your first pet?

What might you donate to an animal shelter?

If you were a pooch, which treat would you want most often?

How would you describe your first pet's energy level?

Which animal would you like to be reincarnated as?

Where did you get your first pet?

Which television pet is most adorable?

What do you think elephants dream about?

Which of these animals could be your spirit twin?

How well would you do in obedience school?

Which animal do you think an alien would find most worthy of studying?

How often did you bathe your first pet?

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