Can We Guess Your Final GPA for the Year?

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If we were going to make a high school graduation speech, we would congratulate all of the high school students for putting in their best effort. These four school years are quite difficult for many individuals, as you're constantly being tested on all kinds of subjects. And some of these school subjects probably seem pointless to you, but just know that high school is about finding out what you want to do with the rest of your life. But before you can get to your dream profession, hiring managers may want to know what your GPA was in high school.

The GPA, otherwise known as a "grade point average," is often a two-digit number that measures how well a student is doing in all of their classes. Generally speaking, a GPA range of 3.5-4.0 means that a student is doing very well in their classes, while a 3.0-3.5 range is considered to be above average. GPA's that are lower than a 3.0 may signal that a student is struggling in some of their classes, but this certainly doesn't mean that they're not intelligent. In fact, school isn't for everyone, and there are many successful individuals who haven't even graduated from high school. But today, we're going to try and guess what your final GPA will be for this year!

Are you the type of student who completes all of their assignments on time?

Have you ever been late to one of your classes?

What kind of grades do you normally get in your classes?

Which of these school subjects do you excel in the most?

How many hours per week do you spend studying?

Which of these extracurricular activities sounds the most appealing to you?

Would you describe yourself as a determined type of person?

Are you the type of student who is afraid of asking for help?

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to get into Harvard University?

Is it more fun to work on an assignment by yourself or in a study group?

Which of these emotions do you feel when you have to work on a 10-page paper?

Are you currently aiming for the perfect attendance award at your school?

What are you typically doing when you're not studying?

Be honest here: Do you actually enjoy going to school?

How would you describe your learning style?

If school started at 8 a.m., what time would you wake up to get ready?

Which of these types of intelligence resonates with you the most?

Choose a study area to get some homework done!

Do you currently belong to any high school cliques?

What are you "most likely to be voted" as?

Are you always participating in classroom discussions?

It's time for a pop quiz! How likely are you to ace this?

Do you feel like teachers are on your side or working against you?

Who are you trying to impress with your high school grades?

Have you ever failed any of your high school classes?

Are you planning on going straight to college after high school?

Have you already taken the SAT or ACT tests?

Do other students often come to you for homework help?

Are you currently in any honors or advanced classes?

How does being a valedictorian of your class sound to you?

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