Can We Guess Your Favorite Kind of Shark?

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As the theme song from "Jaws" plays in the background, we throw our line out into the water, hoping to catch the right shark for your tastes. It's a dangerous game, but we think we have just the right bait to bring in the alpha predators of the ocean.

While this type of aquatic creature may have some shared characteristics across the species, we think that the differences in them will correlate very closely to the differences in those of you who suit up for this quiz. For example, if you are drawn to the spotlight, and you tend to become aggressive when you see something you want, we have a very famous type of shark in mind for you. Let's just say that it has become quite a Hollywood celebrity over the years.

On the other hand, maybe you are someone who prefers the oddities who spend their time in the shadows. Perhaps you have a soft spot in your heart for those creatures who find a way to make a living in difficult circumstances. In that case, it seems likely that you'll find their bizarre features to be both amazing and beautiful to behold.

We're pulling away from shore and heading out to sea. Join us on this voyage of discovery.

How comfortable are you in the dark?

Are you drawn to beautiful things or things that are unusual and unique?

How big of an appetite do you have?

Would you say that you have an intimidating presence?

What part of the day are you at your best?

What condition are your teeth in?

Which best describes your body type?

What pace do you tend to move at in life?

Which movie with a shark in it would you rather watch?

Do you regularly tune in to watch "Shark Week"?

Are you more of a loner or a social person?

How did you do in school?

Which location would you rather go to on vacation?

Which seafood meal sounds most appealing to you?

Do you enjoy fishing?

How much traveling do you do?

Are you more of a leader or a follower?

How big of a wake do you usually leave behind yourself?

Would you consider yourself to be more weird or normal?

Which description best matches who you are?

Are you a deep person or do you tend to keep things mostly on the surface?

Are you drawn to science fiction and fantasy?

How good of a swimmer are you?

Do you enjoy horror films?

Besides sharks, which aquatic life matches you the best?

Which construction tool best matches your personality?

Which famous aquarium in the U.S. would you most like to visit?

Which land-based predator matches you the best?

Which creature in "The Lord of the Rings" do you like the most?

Do you tend to eat a few big meals or a lot of really small snacks throughout the day?

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