Can We Guess Your Favorite "Harry Potter" Movie?

Kennita Leon

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Warner Brothers Studios gave us eight spectacular "Harry Potter" movies and we all have a favorite. We bet that we can guess which one your favorite is with this quiz.

Which Harry was your favorite?

Which of Harry's friends would you want to be your friend?

Which Dursley was the absolute worst?

What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

Which Weasley male is your favorite?

Are you more team Harry or team Draco?

Which class do you think you'd love?

Which magic-gone-wrong moment made you laugh the most?

Which Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was your least favorite?

Which Dumbledore quote means the most to you?

Which of Voldemort's Horcruxes would you want to keep?

Which Death Eater was the most vile in your opinion?

Other than the Death Eaters, who could you not stand?

Which duel was the most epic?

Which battle would you not want to participate in?

Whose death made you the saddest?

Which moment made you happiest?

Which potion would you like to try?

If you had to pick one place in the magical world to tie the knot, where would it be?

Which creepy "Harry Potter" location is your favorite?

Which creature gave you the worst nightmares?

Which book was your favorite?

Which movie director did the best job?

Where is your head normally at?

What are you most scared of?

Who do you think they should've shown more of in the movies?

If you needed a "Harry Potter" fix but you couldn't watch it, what would be your substitute?

How many "Harry Potter" books have you read?

Have you seen every single movie?

How big of a "Harry Potter" fan are you really?

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