Can We Guess Your Favorite "Harry Potter" House?

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By now, everyone knows the four houses that make up Hogwarts. And by now, everyone also has a favorite. Do you think we'll be able to guess which house is your favorite?

Which house do you want to be sorted into?

How would you want to get to Hogwarts?

What magical treat would you buy on the Hogwarts Express?

Which class would you be most excited to take?

Which teacher would be your absolute favorite?

But who would you detest?

What would you do if you saw a classmate cheating?

What would you get a detention for?

What would your detention be?

Which title are you most likely to leave Hogwarts with?

What position would you have on the Quidditch team?

Which spell would you use in a duel with an opponent?

What animal do you think your Patronus would be?

What would you be in the wizarding world?

Which magical animal would you want to see in real life?

Which magical power would you want to be born with?

Which magical activity are you most looking forward to doing?

What would you want to become after leaving Hogwarts?

Which task in the Triwizard Tournament would scare you the most?

Where in Hogwarts would be your favorite place?

What would your boggart turn into?

Which evil witch or wizard are you most scared of?

Which wizarding family would you want to be a part of?

Which Weasley is your favorite?

Rules are made to be ...

Which element are you most at peace with?

Which of these words would you never want to be referred to as?

What do you want to be the most, right now?

Which Dumbledore quote speaks the most to you?

What do you want to be remembered as?

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