Can We Guess Your Favorite '80s Toy?

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Your inner '80s kid will never die: you are a member of the Goonies forever! Now that you are looking back on the best era ever, you are nostalgic for your favorite '80s toy. Let us guess which one you love most!

Who is your favorite 80s actor?

How well do you remember the 80s?

Which 80s film did you like best?

Which 80s band did you like most?

Which 80s fashion trend did you rock?

If you could go back and relive the 80s, would you?

Which 80s invention do you still use?

Which 80s show did you like most?

Which 80s actress do you like most?

Which 80s car would you like to drive now?

Which 80s cartoon did you watch every Saturday?

Which 80s candy do you miss?

Which 80s hairstyle did you rock?

What do you miss most about the 80s?

Which 80s drink would you try?

Which "Who's the Boss?" character are you most like?

Which 80s food trend do you still like?

Which 80s t-shirt would you still wear?

What did you spend the most time doing in the 80s?

Which 80s video game did you enjoy the most?

Which Super Mario Brothers character would you be?

Which 80s song do you know by heart?

Which 80s dance move do you still know?

Which 80s neon color do you like most?

Which 80s makeup trend would you try?

Which 80s brand do you miss most?

How did you listen to music in the 80s?

Which 80s supermodel do you remember most?

Would you ever wear 80s style leg warmers?

Which Whitney Houston song do you like most?

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