Can We Guess Your Favorite '80s Song?

By: Steven Miller
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MTV changed the music scene forever. Not only was the music influencing us in its pure musical form, but it made it possible to watch our favorite artists on our TV screens on a daily basis. Their fashion and overall look had an immediate influence on the culture, with bright, neon colors showing up in wardrobes and hairstyles across the nation. Additionally, androgynous looks made a huge impact on the '80s scene. Started by David Bowie in the '70s, artists like Boy George, Prince and Annie Lennox blurred the lines between male and female in dress, makeup, and hairstyle.

Just as with any period, the '80s featured many unique cliques in the culture. There were those who were drawn to wearing their collar up and the bright colors of "Miami Vice." Connected to this scene, there was an upbeat, driving style of pop music that fit really well into chase scenes and beach sequences.

Others were more drawn to the pop influences of artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Cyndi Lauper. It was pretty standard to see fingerless gloves, sequin jackets and a few streaks of bright colors in the hair of their fans. They were moonwalking their way down the street and marching to the beat of a rebellious drummer who just liked to have some fun.

Maybe you were drawn to a moodier and rock sound. Perhaps the smooth tone of Sting's voice drew you in. Either way, let's roll up our pant legs, throw on a jean jacket, and head back to the decade of synthesizers and Walkmans.

How into the music videos on MTV were you in the '80s?

How much hairspray did you use back in the day?

Have you ever owned a Walkman?

What was your favorite video game on Atari?

Did you own a Cabbage Patch Kids doll?

How good were you at Trivial Pursuit?

Did you ever figure out the Rubik's Cube?

How many Garbage Pail Kids cards did you have?

How much of your wardrobe consisted of neon colors?

Did you wear your collar up?

Which kind of music do you most like now?

Do you think androgyny is sexy?

How do you feel about Sting?

Do you practice yoga?

Do you tend to be more serious or lighthearted?

Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?

Which of the following countries outside the US is most appealing to you?

Which iconic '80s movie do you like the most?

Which high school clique would you have fit into the best?

Which best describes your love life in the '80s?

Which '80s slang is most likely to come out of your mouth?

Which location in the US would you rather spend time in?

Did you ever get into break dancing?

Which color friendship bracelet matches your personality the best?

Which '80s horror film is your favorite?

Have you ever had a mullet hairstyle?

Which '80s animated character fits you the best?

How much time did you spend at the arcade as a kid?

How good did you get at Hacky-Sack?

How rebellious are you?

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