Can We Guess Your Favorite '80s Movie?

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Your film knowledge outshines most of your friends! You love all sorts of movies, be we're sure we can guess your favorite '80's movie! Let's see if we are right!

Which '80's actor do you know the most about?

What kind of films do you like most?

Does you favorite film contain time travel?

Are a a fan of "Raiders of the Lost Ark?"

Which Dan Aykroyd film do you like most?

Who do you think is the toughest '80's actress?

Is your favorite '80's film a horror film?

What age group is your favorite '80's film geared towards?

Has there been a remake of your favorite '80's film?

Which of the following best describes the leading character in your favorite '80's film?

Does your favorite '80's film have any mutant creatures?

Does your '80's film contain pesky parents?

Does you favorite '80's movie involve a vehicle?

How popular was your favorite '80's film?

Which actor became famous because of your favorite '80's film?

Would you watch your '80's film with a child?

How do you prefer to watch movies?

Which '90's film do you like most?

Which '80's child actor do you think is still great?

What is the overall theme of your favorite '80's movie?

How would your friends describe your movie knowledge?

Which one of the items can be found in your favorite film?

Which '80's horror film do you like most?

How many times have you seen your favorite '80's film?

Which '80's television show do you like most?

Which '80's song do you like most?

How old were you in the '80's?

Are there ghosts in your favorite '80's film?

Which '80's talk show host to you remember most?

Which '80's singer do you like most?

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