Can We Guess Your Eye Color Based on Your Beauty Preferences?

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What type of eye color do you have? Keep that a secret for now, because we're about to make an accurate guess on your eye color based on your makeup and skincare preferences! All you have to do is answer the 30 questions in this quiz about your eyeshadow, blush and lip colors, as well as many more questions about your makeup routine! 

Do you prefer an all-natural makeup look, or do you like to go all out with bold and glittery makeup colors? You could also play up certain features of your face while keeping other features more "neutral." For example, many people love to play up their eyes with thick eyeliner and volumizing mascara, while accentuating their lips with a soft peach or pink color. Other people like to focus on making their skin "glow" with a hydrated, dewy look. This can be achieved with hydrating products like liquid foundation, face serum, and makeup setting spray. You can also look for makeup products that are specifically formulated for dry skin. 

Whatever your makeup and skincare routine is, we've got an eye color to match it! Do you have blue, hazel, green or brown eyes? Get ready to take this quiz, because we're about to tell you exactly what eye color you have!

Which of these eyeshadow shades dominates your makeup bag?

When doing your makeup, you prefer to play up your...?

Which of the following describes your skin?

You need foundation that has a _______ coverage.

Which type of foundation do you prefer?

How much money would you spend on a new tube of lipstick?

Do you know how to contour and highlight your face?

Do you prefer blush with or without shimmer?

When choosing face primer, what kind of finish do you look for?

What is your main skin concern?

Do you look for makeup with SPF in it?

Your blush color of choice would be...?

Do you use a lot of concealer?

Do you prefer regular or organic makeup products?

Which of these colors do you use to color correct your face?

Which of these products do you use to accentuate your lips?

You prefer lip products that are...?

Which kind of mascara do you prefer?

Do you like to wear any false eyelashes?

What is the best part about your eyes?

You look for eyeshadows that are...?

What kinds of styling products do you use on your hair?

Do you exfoliate your skin?

Do you use any skincare products at night?

You wash your face with...?

Are toners a waste of money or a necessity in your skincare routine?

What kinds of face masks do you use on your skin?

How do you apply makeup products to your skin?

Your favorite nail color is...?

How do you remove unwanted body hair?

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