Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On Your Disney Preferences?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation

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Walt and Roy Disney started their company back in 1923, and things have been pretty much on an upswing ever since. By 1928, they had their first film with sound under their belt - "Steamboat Willie" - featuring an early Mickey Mouse. They slowly set about taking the entertainment world by storm ever since. In 2018 the company reported nearly $13 billion profit and almost $60 billion in revenue. So yeah, they're doing pretty well overall. Good for them!

On the road to entertainment domination, Disney has made some of the most memorable characters in the history of film. From Bambi to Snow White to Mike and Sully from "Monsters, Inc" everyone has a favorite, or two, or ten. And why not? Some characters represent the range of human emotion and experience so we can all see ourselves somewhere in the history of Disney and its films.

What you may not realize is that your Disney preferences can tell people a lot about you. More than you'd think, in fact. For instance, if you let us know what you like and don't like in the Disney universe, we'll be able to guess just how far you went in school. Pretty impressive, right? Take the quiz and see!

Disney is crazy about ducks. Which duck is the duckiest of the lot?

If you can't be king for a day, maybe you could be a princess. Which princess has the best life by the end of the movie?

Which of these Disney dogs would you most like to play fetch with?

You can't appreciate the Disney dogs without including the Disney cats. Which kitty is the best?

Let's go old school. Of those main, original Disney characters, which one is the best?

Sometimes you can't help but feel for the villain. Which villain did you relate to the most?

When you need some comic relief, look to the birds. Which Disney bird is the best of the bunch?

They don't call Disney the "House of Mouse" for no reason. Which is the perfect rodent?

If you need a good, reliable friend in a Disney movie, then you need someone with four legs and hooves. Who's the best?

Sometimes Disney gets a little cold-blooded. Which reptile is your kind of lizard?

If you're a kid at heart, then there must be a toy from "Toy Story" you wish you could have played with back in the day. Who was it?

If you ever took a trip to Monstropolis, what monster would you want to visit the most?

Which magical character from the Disney universe has powers you wish you could try out for an afternoon?

Think how much more fun your life would be with a comedy sidekick. Who would you want to hang around with?

Which Disney movie hit you right in the feels?

Obviously, with nearly 100 years of history, you missed a few classics when they hit the theaters. What movie do you wish you could have seen when it premiered?

The main characters in Disney movies are either humans or not humans, right? Which human-lead movie is your favorite?

Is there a Disney movie that features animals in the lead roles that you like more than the others?

You have seven dwarfs to choose from; who do you like the most?

Disney's getting a second bite at a whole bunch of apples with their live-action remakes. Which one lives up to the original?

There are Disney parks all over the world. Which one would you most like to visit?

Pixar movies are pretty amazing, so it's tough to choose the best one. But yeah, which do you think is the best?

Not every Disney movie is a winner. Which one do you like the least?

Not all Disney parents are super supportive and friendly. Who's the worst?

Disney isn't just movies! Which stage production would you like to go see?

There are plenty of Disney video games you can play. What's the best one?

Of all the live-action Disney films, which one is your favorite?

Disney's made a number of sequels that weren't released in theaters. Which one is worth watching?

Sometimes you can't help but sing along with a Disney song. Which one inspires you to bust out in song?

It's time to be incredible. Which power would you want to have the most?

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