Can We Guess Your Celtic Animal Sign?

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Sure, we've all heard of astrology and Chinese astrology, but one of the more fascinating astrological trees is Celtic astrology. Even though the most popular way to read a Celtic astrology chart is to use the tree chart, if trees aren't your thing, there is an alternative set of signs depicting animals. Instead of using mythology, the Celts relied on the animals that surrounded them to account for most signs. On top of this, instead of using the solar calendar or birth year, the Celts relied on the lunar calendar, giving them a total of 13 signs instead of 12. This gave them extra wiggle room to provide information for each sign's profiles, and because these animals were surrounding them, studies of an animal's behaviors came into play.

Those born under the swan sign are known for its fidelity and grace. Given that swans mate for life and they glide across the water effortlessly, you can see the animal's influences on the description of the sign. Another example is the butterfly sign, whose profile description is that they are supposed to be able to chat it up with almost anyone. When butterflies gather pollen, they flutter from flower to flower, which probably provided the Celts with their inspiration.

So are you ready to see what Celtic animal sign we think you should belong to? Put up those complicated charts and take this quiz!

Everyone has sat through an interview at one point or another. Which of these statements would you use as a true statement to a future employer?

Happy birthday! Your friends want to take you out to party it up, but they have no idea where to go. Where do you suggest?

What would you do if you got a flat tire?

Do you find yourself queasy at the sight of needles?

Ugh! You're stuck in a line at the grocery store. What do you usually do?

Of the below, what adventurous activity have you tried or are willing to try?

If you could, would you cheat on your significant other?

After what feels like their millionth fight, your bestie tells you that they and their bae have reunited. What do you do?

What do you usually do after a long day at work?

Let's go to the spa. What treatment are you looking forward to getting?

Time to break out your yearbooks! What type of clique did you belong to?

Would you say that you're flexible?

When was the last time you treated yourself and had a me day?

Out of the following, which of these outdoor locations would make you feel the most calm?

Time to get our sweat on! What kind of exercise would you feel best doing?

Which of these high profile jobs would you think you'd be best at?

You're rushing out the door and halfway to your destination you realize you left something at home. What is it?

Most people have a place in their homes where they can retreat and shut out the world. Where is yours?

If you won a cruise around the world and could take only one person, who would it be?

Kids as a whole are great at making messes. What do you do if you found a child drawing on the wall?

How many friends do you have?

If your bae wanted to treat you to a night out, where would you want to go?

Which of these exotic pets would you consider owning?

A couple of your friends get into a fight. What do you do?

No one likes to clean house. What chore is your least favorite?

While walking down the street, you find someone's wallet. What do you do?

What length is your hair?

Let's head out to the carnival! What attraction are you going to head to first?

If you were at a party, what would you likely be found doing?

Eep! You've been invited to a pot luck dinner and completely forgot! What dish do you bring?

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