Can We Guess Your Birth Order?

Zoe Samuel

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Whether you're the assertive oldest child, the adaptable middle child, or the spoiled baby of the pack - or perhaps the only child - we have your position down... or do we?

What age did you start calling grownups by their first name?

Do you feel like you're quite precocious?

Were you spoiled?

How spoiled?

Are you still spoiled?

Do you play well with others?

Can you amuse yourself?

Do you mind being ignored?

Were you a bully?

How tribalistic are you?

Were you the victim of a bully?

Do you think kids' menus are a dumb idea?

At what age did you no longer have an official bedtime?

At what age did you no longer have an official curfew?

If you fell off the swings, what did your parents do?

When did you get a penknife?

Did your parents ever call you the wrong name?

Did you ever blame your siblings for something you did?

Were you ever forced to make a fourth for cards or other games?

When were you reading solo?

Did your parents' wealth change growing up?

Did your parents have to get a lot of advice about how to educate and raise you?

Were your parents perpetually exhausted in your early years?

Did you ever think of being the next Hansons/Jacksons/etc?

Did you have matching sweaters?

Do you like being on your own a lot?

How did you learn to take the bus solo?

How fast do you eat?

Do you hog the remote?

How loud do you talk?

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