Can We Guess Your Astrological Moon Sign Based on How You Behave in Relationships?

By: Emily Maggrett
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Most people are familiar with their zodiac sun sign, but did you know that your moon sign can be just as important? It's true: while your sun sign is a key indicator of your personality in general, readers of astrological charts give great weight to moon signs and rising signs as well. Your sun sign may define what your interests and passions are, but your rising sign controls how you appear to others and your moon sign establishes the way your emotional needs develop.

Because moon signs have such a strong impact on how you behave in emotional situations, they explain why your relationship style might not match your sun sign. For instance, Leos are said to be quite bold in romance, but if you have a Pisces moon, you might be considerably shyer than the average lion. Aquariuses have a reputation for unconventional behavior, but a water bearer with a Virgo moon might just be open to a date at the country club.

Don't believe us? Take this quiz! We'll ask you all about your relationship behavior, from how you handle family conflicts to your feelings about cheating, "couple friends" and more. After we guess your moon sign, you can look up your chart online to see if we're correct. Whether we're right or wrong, exploring your moon sign is a great step if you're relatively new to astrology, as it can teach you much about your inner workings.

So, are you ready to spill the tea about what kind of lover you are? Brew up a fresh pot of Earl Grey and get ready to take this quiz!

Your boyfriend brutally dumps you via speakerphone while his crush is listening in. How do you get back at him?

Which of these love songs do you relate to the most?

Is it important that you and your partner have "couple friends" and "couple activities"?

When someone is trying to seduce you, which flirtation tactics should they use?

If you were getting married and had an unlimited budget, where would you hold your wedding?

Out of the blue, your crush texts you and asks if you want to go on a road trip across the country. What do you say?

You get on an elevator with a handsome man. In this small, enclosed space, you notice that he smells utterly delicious. What kind of cologne is he wearing?

Be honest with us: Have you ever read your partner's texts or emails?

It's Valentine's Day. Your girlfriend wants to got night-swimming in the ocean. Do you say yes?

To get your attention, how should a person with a crush on you dress?

During the course of some idle chatter, you find out your partner listens to several right wing podcasts (and not ironically). Is this a deal breaker?

When you go to the zoo, which animals do you HAVE to visit?

If you could be any female celebrity for a day, who would you choose to be?

It's 2040. You can date humanoid robots equipped with artificial intelligence or regular people who are less attractive and trustworthy. What do you do?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you enjoy taking a bubble bath with your partner?

What's more important: having a partner who listens to you or having a partner who has a good job?

Which animal do you act like when you're hurt?

Imagine you have the budget to get any hair style and color you want. What do you get?

What quality distinguishes your best relationships? Passion, witty banter or something else?

Your boyfriend has a brother who he's always lending money to, even though the brother never pays him back. How do you handle it?

If your partner were wealthy AF, what jewels would you hope they gave you?

You have a choice between two guys. One is a workaholic who built his business from the ground up. The other is a trust funder who spends most of his time painting. Who do you pick?

If you suspected you were about to get dumped, would you confront your partner about it or preemptively dump them?

In your opinion, what's the greatest music video of all time?

Have you ever dated two people at once?

If you could own any purebred puppy, which one would you get?

Do you like watching proposal or promposal videos with flash dances, or do you think they're cheesy?

Would you ever stay in a relationship with a person who cheated on you? If so, why?

Do you like to follow traditional gender roles in your relationships, or do you think society should evolve past gender stereotypes?

Imagine you have a million dollars to give away to charity. Who would you donate to?

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