Can We Guess Your Age Based on Your Pokemon Preferences?

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Pokemon is arguably the greatest anime to come out of Japan in the history of ever. Sure there have been other great ones and maybe even ones you like more, but can you deny how big Pokemon has been? And how much it has made anime popular all around the world? It's pretty awesome and worth some respect. It's also just a lot of fun - ask everyone's mom who's still stuck on Pokemon Go.

With "Agent Pikachu" and more and more games, there doesn't seem to be any slowing down the Pokemon machine. So with all that popularity, we're a little curious about what your preferences are. For instance, there are 18 different types of Pokemon out there and some of them are more than one type. Look at Bulbasaur! He's Grass-type and Poison-type. Dude has a lot going on. But do you like him? Are you a Pikachu purist? Are you down for Steel-type Pokemon? Do you know better than to use a Psychic-type against a Dark Pokemon? Do you have any idea what you' do if you actually did catch them all one day?  Lots of questions to ask here that can reveal a lot about who you are, including perhaps, your age. Don't believe it? Take the quiz and see!

Let's just get right into it. Which Pokemon is the greatest Pokemon of all time?

There are 18 Pokemon types. Pick the best one!

Bugs kind of suck in real life but bug Pokemon are cool. Who's your favorite?

If you're not afraid of ghosts then maybe you're down for Ghost-type Pokemon. Which one is the best one?

Seems like some Pokemon get worse when they evolve. Whose evolution seems like a waste of time compared to what they were before?

You wake up one morning and Pokemon has been stricken from reality! What anime do you check out instead?

In the world of Fairy-type Pokemon, who's the best one?

It's hard not to love a dragon because come on. That said, what's your favorite Dragon-type Pokemon?

Who doesn't like birds? Which of these birdy Pokemon is the coolest?

Ryan Reynolds is doing the voice of Agent Pikachu. Who else would have done a good job in the role?

You have to pick a Steel-type Pokemon. Who's it going to be?

Pokemon is all about evolution and some types are just too overhyped sometimes. What's the most overrated type of Pokemon?

Ice-type Pokemon are all about keeping it cool. Who's the coolest though?

Your Pokemon is probably hungry. What are you feeding it?

Poison can be a pretty effective weapon, so which of these Poison-types do you like the most?

You're not afraid of the dark, are you? Of course not! Now pick the best Dark-type Pokemon.

When it comes to mind over matter, nothing beats a psychic. Do you know which Psychic Pokemon is best?

There are more Pokemon games than you can shake a stick at but if you had to only choose one to play again, which one would it be?

At the end of the day, Pokemon is about monsters fighting! Which Fighting-type is best?

Which of the Rock-type Pokemon would you want to have on your team?

No doubt you have a few gym badges, but which one is the best one?

When you need to keep your feet on the ground, maybe you need a Ground-type Pokemon. Pick your favorite!

If you know nothing else about Pokemon you know at least one of them is shooting lightning bolts left and right. What's your Electric-type Pokemon of choice?

Take to the air with a flying Pokemon!

Is there a Water-type Pokemon that you like more than the others?

When it comes to causing destruction, you want a Fire-type. What's the best one?

Not to be too negative or anything, but what do you think is the worst Pokemon ever?

Ever just lie down in some grass and watch the clouds roll by? That's relaxing AF. Now pick a Grass-type to do it with.

The least creative group of Pokemon are the "normal" Pokemon. Is there one you like more than the others?

There are a lot of Pokemon trainers out there. Which one is the best?

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