Can We Guess Which Scented Marker You Sniffed the Most in Grade School?

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We can probably all agree the grade school years were maybe not our most glamorous years? Some of us were glue peelers, and others of us were the marker-sniffing kind. After we learn enough about your younger and your older personalities, we'll be able to tell what scented marker you sniffed to pass the time during reading circle. 

When little Johnny's antics were just too much for you and the vocabulary words had been repeated a million times, what else were you expected to do in grade school? If you weren't supposed to sniff scented markers, they would have never been on the supply list. With scents like banana, cherry, and grape, our grade school markers did everything but stand up and beg to be sniffed.  These days, kids can get nearly any school supply scented with almost any smell you can imagine, but they will never know the joys of a freshly opened blueberry marker like the ones we had!

As you go through the questions, share your school experiences and your favorite school supplies with us. Once we feel adequately educated enough to guess the marker scent you sniffed most, we'll share it with you. Would you have shared your markers with us?

Which row did you sit in during math class?

How many kids did you eat with at lunch?

Where did you sniff your scented marker?

Who were you in class?

When was your first kiss?

What was your favorite school lunch?

Which snack did you buy or bring to lunch?

What was your beverage of choice at lunch?

Did you bring a back pack to lunch?

Which did you sneak into class from lunch?

Did you ever skip lunch?

Did your scented marker make you hungry?

Who was your favorite TV cartoon character?

Which action figures did you play with the most?

Which Saturday morning cartoon would you always wake up for?

Which non-animated TV show did you love?

What did you snack on while watching TV?

Which was your favorite NES game?

Which sport did you play?

Which non-sport activity did you participate in?

Did you collect anything?

Where did you hang?

What did you do when alone?

Did you enjoy drawing?

Do you think you were popular?

Were you close with any of your teachers?

Did you get in trouble while in school?

What was the most embarrassing thing that happened at school?

Which was your favorite subject?

Which was your favorite non-traditional class hour?

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