Can We Guess Which Killer Beast Lurks in Your Soul?

By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Picture by Tambako the Jaguar/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Your inner soul may not be filled with rainbows, butterflies and unicorns after all. In fact, we're going to explore your inner personality further to uncover what killer beast you become when no one is looking!

For the purpose of this quiz, the phrase "killer beast" will refer to animals that are quite dangerous and deadly in this world. Some of these types of animals includes the box jellyfish, cone snail, golden poison dart frog and the pufferfish. Now you might be thinking, "What could I possibly have in common with a deadly animal like a box jellyfish?" As you probably know, humans and animals share a wide variety of similar personality traits, and aquatic animals are no exception to this concept! If you've ever seen a picture of a box jellyfish, you might initially admire its beauty and mysterious nature. But this venomous creature is no stranger to killing other types of fish, shrimp and even human beings! So in other words, you may look mysteriously beautiful on the outside, but you might be highly intelligent and devious on the inside! But this is just one example, as there are many different killer beasts that inhabit this world. Let's find out which one you're similar to with this animalistic quiz!

When you become angry in life, do you tend to throw a tantrum, cry or remain quiet?

Are you an emotionally intelligent person or is your intelligence based off your logical mind?

Would it be super fun to sleep all day long or do you like to be more productive during the day?

Would you ever want to hunt for your own food or does that defeat the purpose of going grocery shopping?

If you were a dangerous type of animal, would you lurk in the water or somewhere on land?

When it comes to extreme temperatures, do you adapt better to really hot or really cold weather?

Does the idea of traveling sound like fun to you, or do you prefer to just stay indoors?

Is it better to think before you speak or to always speak what's on your mind?

On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), how fragile is your inner soul?

Is your inner soul disguised as a devil, an angel or something more mysterious?

Some people have a big heart while others have a small heart. Which of these objects matches the size of your heart?

If you saw a centipede crawling on the floor, what would your initial reaction be?

Let's say that your personality was like a type of weather. Would it be more sunny, rainy, cloudy or windy?

Are you generally more quiet around other people, or are you someone who likes to socialize?

Do you need a spirit animal to guide you on the path of life, or can you handle problems by yourself?

Everyone's soul radiates a certain type of color, and we want to know what color yours is!

You're not just unique because of your personality, but because of your intelligence, too! Which type of intelligence do you have?

If your inner soul was like one of these types of beautiful crystals, which one would it be like?

On the spectrum of lazy to adventurous, where does your general mood fall on a typical day?

Do you often give up when life gets too difficult, or do you persevere through adversity?

If Point Z is your ultimate life goal on the alphabet scale, which of the following letters are you currently at right now?

Could you navigate through a large forest all by yourself, or would you need the assistance of a map?

Would it be more fun to physically become an animal or gain the ability to talk to all types of animals?

Let's say that you could increase your lifespan by a certain amount of years. How many years would you want to add to your current life?

Pretend that you can choose between running or swimming really fast. Which one would you pick?

Do you resonate with the phrase "extreme sports" or do you try and stay far away from these types of activities?

Are you the type of person who tries to achieve perfection in life. or is this unattainable for you?

Does your inner soul shine as brightly as the sun, or is it more subtle like the moon?

Could you sit in an empty room for 4 hours by yourself, or does this seem like an impossible task?

If you found $100 on the side of a road, would it be better to give it to someone who really needs it or keep it for yourself?

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