Can We Guess Which High School Stereotype You Were?

By: Mark Lichtenstein

About This Quiz

They say that we never really change, but are you the same as you were in high school? Let’s take a trip back to the bleachers and find out if you are the same person you were all those years ago. Whether you spent more time hitting the books or hanging out in the locker room, your distinct personality traits probably still shine through! Depending on your level of high school swagger, you may have gained or lost cool points in the adult world. This quiz will take you through your high school years to get to the heart of who you were back then.

Unlike high school, this is one quiz you can’t fail! There are no right or wrong answers, and no one is going to send you to detention. We are simply going to do our best to learn the traits you possessed in your teenage years so that we can make the most accurate guess possible! Were you a nerd, or were you a jock? There’s only one way to find out! Channel your teenage angst and remember your biggest crush. Take this quiz and your responses will tell us what stereotypical high schooler you were back when you didn’t have to pay bills!

What was your locker like?

What was your favorite class?

What was your least favorite class?

What club did you belong to?

Were you in student government?

What team would you have been part of?

Were you popular?

Did you have much luck dating?

What did you typically do after school?

Did you belong to any clubs outside of your school?

Did your friends think you were funny?

Looking back now as an adult, were you really funny?

Did you pick on anyone when you were in high school?

Were you picked on in high school?

Did you belong to a group that engaged in hazing?

When you went to college, did you join a frat?

When you went to college, did you join a team?

Which was better for you, high school or college?

Did you keep many friends from high school?

Were the things you learned in high school useful in life?

Did you have an internship in high school?

Are you proud of how you behaved in high school?

Assuming you went, how did you approach your 10-year reunion?

Looking back, what do you most wish you could have done in high school, that you never tried?

Did you get decent grades?

Did you have a serious boy/girlfriend?

Did you ever get left back a year?

Did you have to go to summer school?

Did you leave high school knowing what you wanted to do with your life?

Does looking back on your time in high school make you happy?

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