Can We Guess Which High School Stereotype You Are?

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Ahh, high school. Whether you loved it or you hated it, one thing is for sure; you would never be the same afterward. Most of the reason for that is all of the social pressure and being stereotyped by all the other kids. You might want to have been one of the popular kids, or one of the jocks, or even maybe one of the mean girls, but that is the thing about stereotypes - you don't get to pick which one you belong in, everyone else does. 

Which stereotype were you? There were so many to choose from. You might have been one of the nerds, all into gaming and solving math problems for fun. You might have been one of those kids that were into cars, or you could have been a jock that was totally into sports. You could have been one of the most popular kids who was loved by everyone, or you could have been an emo kid wondering why no one ever seemed to understand you, while at the same time doing your best not to be understood. When it came to high school, there were so many kids, and so many stereotypes to go with each one of them. Which one were you?

What was most important to you in school?

Did you go to a lot of parties?

Did you spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning?

Where did you see most of your friends?

Did you hook up a lot in high school?

Which is your favorite band?

How many selfies did you take a day?

What was your favorite subject?

How much time a day would you spend online?

Did you ever sext?

How many devices did you own to smoke out of?

How much did you read for fun?

Did you keep up with the latest trends?

What would you be doing on a Saturday afternoon?

How many close friends did you have?

What movie was most like your life?

Did a lot of people have crushes on you?

Did you get in trouble at school?

Did you like to be noticed?

What type of party would you most likely go to?

What was your curfew?

Did you get along well with your parents?

What physical activity would you do most?

When did you get your driver's license?

What kind of music did you like best?

When would you get up on a Sunday morning?

Did you ever try to emulate celebrities?

What sounds like the best place to go to college?

How did you wear your hair?

How did you like to make a good first impression?

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