Can We Guess Which Female Tennis Star You Embody?

Zoe Samuel

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The Women's Tennis Association has only been around since the 1970s, but women's tennis has been around since long before then, and the stars it produced have become as famous as any monarch in history. Tennis was once, as with many sports, considered the exclusive purview of men. Then, starting in the 1960s, all of that changed. Now, women's tennis is just as professional and high stakes as men's tennis, and the two play side by side at all of the world's major competitions. In many ways, women's tennis is bigger, with stars of the game coming from all corners of the world, all ethnicities and all walks of life.

Unlike the men's game, where wearing a hat backward is considered a major statement, women's tennis is where trends in fashion begin and end, with tennis stars challenging uniform rules in ways that make headlines and highlight the double standards women face around how they dress. Women's tennis tends to be much more centered around the technical challenges of the game, since women cannot hit the ball as hard as their male counterparts, as a rule.

Women's tennis has also produced some of the most colorful superstars in the sport. Take this quiz, and we will tell you which female tennis star you embody!

What psychological motivation do you turn to when you're working out and feel like you've got nothing left in the tank?

In which of these events are you best prepared to succeed?

How politically active are you?

For what sort of lifestyle do you yearn?

How do you stay in shape?

If someone saw you competing in your area of expertise, what would they remember was most notable about your style?

How well known are you outside your industry peers?

How do you measure your successes?

What would prompt you to push the boundaries of societal norms?

How much public punishment can you take before you break down?

What do you do to intimidate opponents?

What time of day do you begin training?

How do you spend downtime away from training and competing?

What sort of sponsor would endorse you?

How do you respond to accusations of flouting the rules?

How well do you "work the umpire"?

How would you budget your energy for a marathon?

Which of these causes would you support with the greatest passion?

What are you more prepared for: social challenges or physical ones?

At what point should one call it a career?

How would you take on someone much stronger than you?

How do you like to dress on the job?

How would you deal with a personal secret getting out?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Other than tennis, what sport produces athletes you admire?

What charitable cause would you support?

Would you like to marry someone famous?

For what would you like to be remembered?

What would you wear on the red carpet of a gala?

What other sport would you play, if not for tennis?

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