Can We Guess Which Emoji You Use the Most?

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How did we ever live before emojis? How did we poke, wave, lol, or show our distaste without an adorable pile of poop? Since their invention, we have loved emojis! They have become a common part of our written text and the way we express ourselves. We're sure you'll give us a thumbs up once we figure out which emoji you tend to use the most! 

Whether you are texting with a friend or sending an email to your mom, including an emoji can express more than your word can sometimes. Sometimes, all it takes a a laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying to let someone know how hilarious you find them. Gone are the days of needing to use actual words! It's faster, and often funnier, to use emojis to get our points across! There's never been a time in history when giving the middle finger could look cuter, or that a little heart could express so much love.

To get to the bottom of the emoji you use most, we're going to need to get to know more about you. Share your likes, your dislikes, and a little bit about your personal expression. We're sure we can figure out the emoji version of you! 

How kind are you?

How witty are you?

Are you a good listener?

How enthusiastic are you?

Are you ever just a little childish?

Do you feel optimistic?

Is it really all about bodily functions with you?

Do you often say, "Uh-huh" or "Hmmm" when someone is making an ass of themselves?

Do you love dry comedy?

Do you like to laugh with people or at them?

How funny are you?

Do you read between the lines easily?

Are you someone who notices what people need before they know?

Do you think the world is going to hell?

Do you speak truth to power?

Are you easily offended?

Who are you texting?

Which social platform do you use most?

What's the biggest danger on social media?

Which social platform do you use least?

Do you ever include emojis when talking to subordinates?

What about when talking to bosses?

To whom do you say "I love you"?

Do you ever like to troll people, just a little?

Do you like most people?

How tolerant are you?

Do you ever worry that everyone else is having a better time than you?

Do you need to use social media for your job?

How seriously do you want to be taken?

Are you usually the most powerful person in the conversation?

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