Can We Guess Which Dog Breed Is Your Favorite?

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Dogs are fascinating creatures that come in all different, shapes, sizes and, of course, breeds. They've been with humans for centuries. They are bred according to human need. There are so many different breeds out there with different personalities and physical features. No matter what someone is looking for, there's a dog out there for every human.

In the past, dogs were trained for a specific purpose. Hundreds of years ago, aristocrats bred dogs for hunting and protection. For people of privilege, breeding dogs was a sign of status and wealth. People who lived in the mountains bred dogs like St. Bernards and Swiss Mountain dogs for more practical purposes, like rescuing and herding. 

These days, people look to dogs for companionship. They take their dogs on adventures on land and sea. They take them to restaurants and coffee houses, wherever they can. Pampered pooches have spa days and special clothing. People love their dogs.

Many dog people have a breed they love over any other. They may associate that breed with a particular memory, or they just like the qualities of the breed. Think about what you like best about dogs. Then, answer the questions we've put together for you, and we'll tell you the breed you love best!

Are you strictly a dog person or do you like cats, too?

If you drop food on the floor, what do you do?

How do the friends in your pack describe you?

What kind of personality would you want in a dog?

If a dog could understand you, what would you say?

What Sunday afternoon activity would you like to do with a dog?

Besides food, what would you buy for a dog?

Are you an alpha or beta in your pack?

Where would you want to live with a dog?

What makes you snarl?

How adventurous are you?

Are you friendly with new creatures?

What's your go-to dog movie?

Which dog song makes your playlist?

Who is the best cartoon dog?

Does your mate have to love dogs?

Besides a dog, what pet would you like to have?

Do you prefer a harness or collar for your dog?

If you could work with dogs, what would you do?

In your opinion, why have a dog?

What's the best book about dogs?

Which Animal Planet show do you prefer?

What color do you like your dogs?

What activity are you doing when your dog is snuggled at your feet?

Would you feed a dog dry food or wet food?

Do you listen to orders well?

What's the best trait about your best friend?

Are you more of a lone wolf or do you run with a pack?

What people food should dogs have?

What's the best Halloween costume for a dog?

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