Can We Guess Which Decade Were You Born In?

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Every generation has a few key events that shape their perspective. These can be so specific that they can be clues as to the exact decade people were born in. Can we guess which one was yours?

How well do you remember the fall of the Berlin Wall?

What is Pink Floyd?

What was this city built on?

How do you remember Bill Clinton?

Who did the best impression of George Bush?

Who was the funniest cast member of SNL?

What video game system is the best?

What TV show did you watch after school?

When you called your girl/boyfriend in high school, what was your greatest fear?

What shoes were cool when you were growing up?

What is "Cross Colors?"

Who was The Grease Man?

Which Star Wars movie is the third best?

What did you wear to your prom?

What was the nastiest thing you learned about in sex ed?

Kurt Cobain was who exactly?

What was Bill Murray's breakout role?

What was Bill Murray's best movie?

Who is Laetitia Casta?

What was Tommy Hilfiger accused of?

What is Pearl Jam?

How clearly do you remember 9/11?

Did Bin Laden do anything prior to 2001?

What is a "Locked Box?"

How much of your childhood nonsense is preserved on the internet?

How adept are you with technology?

Can you sew a button?

Can you change a tire?

How often do you use words like "very" and "really"?

Could you make it through the day without using a simile?

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