Can we guess which Animal House character you are?

By: Brian Whitney
Image: Universal Pictures

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The movie "Animal House" was one of the funniest comedies ever about college life, one that was filled with amazing characters. Which one of them are you most like?

Who are you in a group?

Would you be a good dean at a college?

How many beers do you drink a week?

Would you rather party all the time but never hook up, or hook up all the time and never party?

How would you flirt?

How often did you get detention in high school?

Why do people like you?

What reason would you choose a college?

How long will it take you to graduate from college?

Who would you most likely be, in the opinion of your professor?

Your assignment is due tomorrow. When did you finish it?

How often do you party in a typical week?

Which movie might you get a role in?

Do you need to be hammered to have fun?

What is your favorite drinking game?


What might you eat?

What time do you get up in the morning?

Who does the chores at your place?

How is your hair?

You are at a punk show - what do you do?

Would you rather earn your money or have it given to you?

Where would you go on a first date?

Which singer would you pick?

What do you like most about Russell Brand?

Which of these have you done the most?

What would you be likely to snack on?

What do people say is your main flaw?

Would you ever cheat on a test?

How often do you work out?

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