Can We Guess Which '80s Retro Lunchbox You Took to School?

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For this quiz, we're going to go dancing all the way back to the '80s! More specifically, we're going to take a trip back to your school's lunchroom and figure out which '80s retro lunchbox you toted with you every day. Were you more likely to drink your Tang out of Rainbow Brite thermos or have your milk out of an A-Team water bottle? We have to know!

In order to determine which lunchbox you prized back then, we're going to have to figure out a few things about you. We'll want to know what kind of student you were, how you viewed yourself, and which of those traits remains to this day. Only when we know you as well as we know the words to Wham!'s first album will we be able to accurate guess if you carried the Force with you, or if you needed Winnie The Pooh to get you through the long school days. 

Jump in our '80s time machine and we'll figure out which lunchbox you wish you still had today. Once you know, you can go online and find it again. At least, you'll be able to find a new replacement that all your coworkers will envy! 

How nerdy were you?

What movies did you watch?

What TV show did you watch?

How long before you gave up trying to solve your Rubik's Cube?

How worried were you about the Cold War?

When the Berlin Wall came down, given that you were just a kid, did you notice?

Who was your political role model growing up?

How big was your hair?

What snack was always in your lunchbox?

Were you bullied at school?

Did you get on with your siblings?

Did you dream of adventure?

How did you feel about the movie, "Flight of the Navigator"?

Did you have a Nintendo?

When did you learn to touch type?

When did you get internet in your house?

When do you first remember hearing about global warming?

Did you travel outside the USA as a child?

Was anyone in your life telling you about the women's movement?

Did anyone in your household watch Dynasty?

How did you feel about the movie, "ET"?

Did you have a phone in your room?

How much makeup did you wear?

Did you watch cartoons?

Did you like to fit in?

How hard did you study?

Were you a jock?

Were you a well-behaved kid?

Did you ever talk back to grownups?

Did you get good grades?

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